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Aki Basho 2012 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M8 Derosa (11-4; 113 points)
Juryo Yusho:J1 Ganzohnesushi (12-3; 107 points)
Makushita Yusho:m49 Tamago (13-2; 108 points)
Gino-sho:M8 Derosa (11-4; 113 points)
M17 Yassier (10-5; 113 points)
Kanto-sho:M17 Fujiyama (11-4; 111 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2012/9/26

Aki Basho 2012 - Day 15
In perhaps one of the most epic battles between powerful rivals Harumafuji was able to seal the deal on Senshuraku to go undefeated in two back to back tournaments to be promoted the 70th Yokozuna. The match was long at 1:48 seconds but Harumafuji was in control for most of the bout before finally throwing Hakuho to the clay. On Monday the Sumo Association met, unanimously recommending the Ozeki for promotion. Many people will agree that the sport desperately needed another Yokozuna to balance out the competition at the top and Harumafuji with his technique and speed and overall fan approval, will definitely make things more exciting. Congratulations Harumafuji!
In Makunouchi division, WM8 Derosa was victorious in a play-off between himself and EM17 Fujiyama based on points total of 113 to 111. Derosa also was awarded the Ginosho special prize. WM17 Yassier was also handed the Ginosho for an identical 113 point effort while Fujiyama was given the Kantosho. Unfortunately, neither Doitsuyama nor Randomitsuki were able to secure enough wins to return to the Ozeki rank in November but neither will be demoted down the ranks giving both of them a shot at building up enough wins for a return sometime in the future.
In Juryo, WM1 Ganzohnesushi was the walk away winner of the division with a 12-3 mark while in Makushita, newcomer Em49 Tamago pulled off a playoff settled yusho with a 13-2 tournament record.
Congratulations to all the winners and see you all at the dawn of the Hakuho-Harumafuji era in November.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/26

Aki Basho 2012 - Day 14
Going into the final day of the Aki Basho 2012 none of the divisions have been decided. In Makunouchi, at present, there are five participants sitting on ten wins, Ozeki Hokuro, EM8 Rupatengu, WM8 Derosa, WM15 Konosato and EM17 Fujiyama. Since none of them will be put into a head to head match, they are all on their own for a yusho decision. Most likely it will come down to a playoff to determine the title so total points are the key. However, with Hokuro, Rupatengu and Derosa at 109 points, Konosato at 108 and Fujiyama at 107, who would survive any playoff is way to close to call.
In Juryo, the yusho is in the hands of WJ1 Ganzohnesushi who at 11-3 has a one match lead over WJ3 Mimawari and EJ11 Sekihiryu. A win by Ganzohnesushi would lock up the title but a loss and a win by either Mimawari or Sekihiryu (or both) would force a playoff. Mimawari would be be in best shape should a playoff occur with his 107 points. Ganzohnesushi would have some ground to make up at 104 while Sekihiryu would be hard pressed to survive any playoff at 98 points.
In Makushita, there are five people that are mathematically alive for the yusho. The first tier of Wm15 Hakubayama, Wm32 Mmikasazuma and Em49 Tamago at 12-2 are one win up on Em1 Oskanohana and Em31 Onibaba and are in the best shape to be contending for the title. A win by one and a loss by the other two would give the victor the spoils. However, a win by two or more of them would force a playoff while a loss by all three would allow Oskanohana and Onibaba a chance to slip in the back door should they pick up win number 12. Hakubayama with 109 points holds a five point advantage over Tamago and seven points over Mmikasazuma.
Good luck to all the contenders, and good luck to Harumafuji who is poised for a Yokozuna promotion!
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/23

Aki Basho 2012 - Day 13
At day thirteen of the Aki Basho EM8 Rupatengu is now all alone in the leadership position at 10-3. Ozeki Hokuro, who has had a fairly consistent tournament thus far, joins a group of five others at 9-4. In Juryo, WJ1 Ganzohnesushi continued his dominance of the division while improving to 10-3. One match off the lead are a group of four including WJ2 Bill who faces Ganzohnesushi on day 14 and could climb back into contention with a victory. In Makushita, Em31 Onibaba fell to 11-2 and has thus allowed Wm15 Hakubayama, Wm32 Mmikasazuma and Em49 Tamago to join the top tier in a tight yusho contest.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/22

Aki Basho 2012 - Day 12
Going into the home stretch of the Aki Basho the contenders list for the yusho hunt in all three divisions is starting to become more clear. In Makunochi, WM15 Konosato saw his sole leadership after eleven days slip away and is now in a three way tie along with EM8 Rupatengu and WM17 Yassier. All three competitors are 9-3 at this point in the basho. Both Sekiwake Randomitsuki and Doitsuyama are 8-4 and need to win two of their remaining matches for a chance to return to Ozeki in November. Unfortunately for them, a head to head match between the two will most likely occur on either day 14 or senshuraku making the odds against both returning to the rank very high.
In Juryo, WJ1 Ganzohnesushi is now the man to beat in the remaining days with a tournament record improvement to 9-3. One match down are sizable group of six including EJ3 Zenjimoto who will face Ganzohnesushi on day thirteen. In Makushita, Em31 Onibaba is the sole leader at 11-1 with Wm15 Hakubayama, Wm32 Mmikasazuma and Em49 Tamago one loss down at 10-2.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/21

Aki Basho 2012 - Day 10
On day ten of the Aki Basho, Harumafuji moved one step closer to Yokozuna promotion after sloppy footwork by Hakuho lead to an unexpected upset by Tochiozan. Harumafuji is now sole leader of the tournament but will have his work cut out for him in the remaining days as he starts to face tougher opponents including a likely pairing on senshuraku against the Yokozuna.
In Makunouchi action of Sumo Game, WM15 Konosato emerged as front runner with an 8-2 record after a fade by WM4 Ekigozan and WM17 Yassier saw them slip to second tier on the leader board. Sekiwake Randomitsuki joined the two at 7-3 to keep his chances to return to Ozeki in November alive and well. Four others are also at 7-3 to make the yusho hunt in the final five days of the tournament wide open. In Juryo, WJ1 Ganzohnesushi and EJ3 Zenjimoto both picked their kachikoshi on day 10 and share the lead at 8-2. In Makushita, Wm9 Kamakiri, Em31 Onibaba, Wm32 Mmikasazuma and Em49 Tamago are still the contenders in a very tight yusho chase.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/19

Aki Basho 2012 - Day 9
At day nine of the Aki basho all three of the divisions got decidedly more complicated as several of the front runners got upended by their opponents. In Makunouchi EM4 Ekigozan now finds himself in a three way battle along with WM15 Konosato and WM17 Yassier. All three are now 7-2. In Juryo, a three way tie for the lead turned into a five way split with WJ1 Ganzohnesushi, EJ3 Zenjimoto, WJ3 Mimawari, WJ6 Kibooyama and EJ9 Mukuho all hoping to break the deadlock in the coming days. In Makushita, Wm9 Kamakiri is now fighting it out with Em31 Onibaba, Wm32 Mmikasazuma and newcomer Em49 Tamago.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/19

Aki Basho 2012 - Day 8
At Nakabi of the Aki Basho 2012 EM4 Ekigozan continues to lead the Makunouchi division despite seeing his seven match winning streak come to an end. At 6-2, WM1 Chocshoporyu now joins a large contingent of wrestlers hoping to catch the leader in the coming days. In Juryo, WJ3 Mimawari, likewise, saw a winning streak come to end to find himself in a three way tie for the lead along with WJ1 Ganzohnesushi and WJ6 Kibooyama. In Makushita, Wm8 Kamakiri became the first member in any of division to pick up a kachikoshi to maintain sole leadership with an 8-0 record.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/17

Aki Basho 2012 - Day 7
For the third day in a row high scores across the board was the norm. At 8.41, day seven of the Aki basho was good enough to finish at number 16 on the all time list and thus increasing the points average for the tournament to 7.47. In Makunouchi, EM4 Ekigozan, one of many participants to score a perfect 10 on the day, continues to dominate the division while improving to 7-0. WM1 Chocshoporyu remains one match down at 6-1. Sekiwake Randomitsuki joins a list of several members at 5-2 and as a result is keeping his chance for a return to Ozeki alive. Sekiwake Doitsuyama is in a little more dire situation at 4-3 and needs to win six of the remaining days to return to Ozeki in November.
In Juryo, WJ3 Mimawari is still perfect at 7-0 for sole leadership of the division with WJ1 Ganzohnesushi, EJ1 Zenjimoto and WJ6 Kibooyama a loss away at 6-1. In Makushita, a major shake down in the leader board occurred on day seven with Wm9 Kamakiri emerging unscathed to claim sole leadership of the division.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/16

Aki Basho 2012 - Days 5 and 6
On the sixth day of the Aki basho scoring, at 8.43, was good enough to land it at number 15 on the list for highest scoring day while day five being a shade lower at 8.34 also registered at number 19 on the same list. Unfortunately high scoring on those days came at the expense of three Ozekis, Kotoshogiku, Baruto and Kotoosho who all went kyujo with various physical ailments allowing their opponents walk-off victories and perhaps lowering the quality of competition for the remaining basho.
In Makunouchi, EM4 Ekigozan extended his winning streak to six to become the sole leader of the tournament at 6-0 with WM1 Chocshoporyu one match down at 5-1. In Juryo WJ1 Ganzohnesushi and WJ3 Mimawari are still undefeated at 6-0 for a share of the lead. In Makushita, Wm9 Kamakiri, Em14 Hakase, Em19 Nikomaru, Em20 Tenshoryu, Em31 Onibaba and Em49 Tamago are in the lead pack for the division chase.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/15

Aki Basho 2012 - Days 3 and 4
After four days of the Aki Basho EM4 Ekigozan and WM12 Kiriazuma have gotten off to a fast start at 4-0 for a share of the Makunouchi lead. Ozeki Hokuro is one match down at 3-1 and joins a large pack of participants. Sekiwake Randomitsuki also at 3-1 is in good shape and hopes to pick up ten wins this tournament for a return to Ozeki after being demoted this basho. In Juryo, WJ1 Ganzohnesushi, EJ3 Zenjimoto and WJ3 Mimawari are perfect at 4-0 for co-leadership at the early stages of the tournament, while in Makushita, things are still to muddled to have a clear contenders list.
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/13

Aki Basho 2012 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Aki Basho 2012!
We hope everyone had a good time during the summer holidays and were able to get out and enjoy the heat. And if you are not into heat, we hope that you didn't burn a hole in your wallet paying for your air conditioning bill.
This tournament we have 148 participating players, up twelve from the Nagoya basho. Also, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Em48 Minimaruko and Em49 Tamago our newcomers to Sumo Game. In Makunouchi division, the story of the tournament is at the Sekiwake rank were both Randomitsuki and Doitsuyama, recently demoted from Ozeki, are hoping to pull off at least double digits in wins to return to the rank in November. Both wrestlers get one chance this time around or face having to regain the rank from scratch. Randomitsuki is better shape as of two days with a pair of wins while Doitsuyama is even at 1-1.
As of day two, scoring has been above average at 7.10 due mainly to the successes of most of the Ozekis with only Baruto losing a match early on.
Good luck to everyone and have fun!
by Nushuzan, 2012/9/11


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