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Haru Basho 2013 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M1 Kotononami (12-3; 110 points)
Juryo Yusho:J9 Fuseigo (10-5; 108 points)
Makushita Yusho:m24 Yeditoshi (13-2; 100 points)
Gino-sho:S Andoreasu (9-6, 115 points)
Kanto-sho:M12 Yassier (10-5; 104 points)
M17 Osakanohana (10-5; 107 points)
Shukun-sho:K Susanoo (11-4; 109 points)
by Takanotaki, 2013/3/29

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 15
The yusho has been decided in all of the divisions. In Makunouchi, EM1 Kotononami won his first career Yusho with a nice 12-3 tournament record. Komusubi Susanoo was awarded the Shukunsho and WM12 Yassier and EM17 Oskanohana were handed the Kantosho. Sekiwake Andoreasu took home the Ginosho with a 115 point performance. In Juyro, WJ9 Fuseigou won a three way playoff against WJ2 Tsuyoikaze and WJ6 Takanosushi by outscoring them with 108 total points. In Makushita, Wm24 Yeditoshi was uncontested with a 13-2 performance to take the tournament title.
Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see everyone back in May!
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/29

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 14
Going into the final day of the Haru Basho none of the division have been decided yet. In Makunouchi, there are three people with a mathematical chance of winning the yusho but realistically it is down to a battle between Komusubi Susanoo and EM1 Kotononami who have battling it out for several days now. A win by one and a loss by the other would give the winner the yusho. Should both win, the title could be determined by tournament point totals but since both are tied with 103 it is also possible that the head to head battle between the two of them on day thirteen, in which Susanoo was victorious, could also play a part in the outcome. Should both lose there final bout,and EM18 Kinkaizan improve to 11-4 then Kinkaizan could play spoiler but Kinkaizan, at 98 points, would also have to overcome a five point deficit on both of the other competitors.
In Juryo, as many as six members have a shot at the title. First off, we have WJ6 Takanosushi and WJ9 Fuseigou at 10-4. Should one win and the other lose, then the winner would take the goods outright. A win by both would lead to a play-off, however, Fuseigou would be in the best position for the yusho with a 103-96 points edge. Should both competitors lose, then any of the runner-ups could join the fray should they improve to double digits. EJ11 Hakubayama would be in the best position for a come from behind title with 102 points and WJ7 Yobennie with 100 points could prove to be a factor with a little bit of luck.
In Makushita, Wm24 Yeditoshi could win the yusho without a playoff should he improve to 13-2. A loss would give both Em18 Kotoedo and Em51 Survivor a chance at the title should either of them improve to 12-3. Kotoedo at 99 points has a slim lead over Survivor at 97 but both would have a nice cushion over Yeditoshi who has 93.
Good luck!
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/24

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 13
Going into the final weekend of the Haru Basho, Komusubi Susanoo did what was needed to do on day thirteen and was victorious in the head-to-head battle over EM1 Kotononami and as a result evened the tournament record at 10-3 for a share of co-leadership. Sekiwake Andoreasu improved to 9-4 to join three others in the runner up position and keep his promotion chances to Ozeki alive with two days remaining.
In Juryo, WJ9 Fuseigou saw a five match winning streak come to end but now entered a scrap with WJ2 Tsuyoikaze, WJ6 Takanosushi, WM7 Yobennie and WJ11 Hakubayama for the yusho. Fuseigou will face off against Hakubayama on day 14 in an important contenders bout. In Makushita, Wm24 Yeditoshi continues to set the pace but the number of those one loss down was trimmed to four members.
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/23

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 12
Day twelve of the Haru Basho saw Makunouchi sole leader EM1 Kotononami improve to 10-2. One match off the pace is Komusubi Susanoo who lost on day eleven but recuperated the following day after defeating Ozeki Hokuro. Susanoo can climb back into the yusho chase on day 13 when the Komusubi will face Kotononami in an extremely important direct confrontation with yusho implications. Sekiwake Andoreasu defeated WM12 Yassier to keep Ozeki promotion hopes alive going into the final three days of the tournament.
In Juryo, WJ9 Fuseigou, at 9-3, is now the sole leader while riding a five match winning streak. WJ2 Tsuyoikaze who was once the sole leader has come into hard times losing four of his last five matches and now joins WJ6 Takanosushi, WJ7 Yobennie and EJ11 Hakubayama in the runner up position.
In Makushita, Wm24 Yeditoshi, at 10-2, is the man to beat going into the homestretch with a group of six others nipping at his heels and hoping for a miscue in the remaining days of the Haru Basho.
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/22

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 10
At day ten of the Haru Basho, the Makunouchi division saw a minor shift in the leader board after Komusubi Susanoo slipped to 8-2 allowing both EM1 Kotononami and WM12 Yassier to catch the Komusubi. Ozeki hopeful Andoreasu fell to 6-4 for the tournament and must now put together a five match winning streak for a promotion in May. In Juryo, WJ2 Tsuyoikaze got back to his winning ways and picked up a kachikoshi while holding WJ7 Yobennie and WJ9 Fuseigou at bay with a one win lead. In Makushita, Em7 Frinkanohana, Wm21 Tomatsu and Wm24 Yeditoshi are co-leaders at 8-2.
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/20

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 9
After nine days of the Haru Basho 2013, Komusubi Susanoo is picked up a kachikoshi and is now the sole leader of the Makunouchi division. One match off the pace at 7-2 are EM1 Kotononami, WM2 Ganzohnesushi, WM7 Hironoumi and WM12 Yassier. In Juryo, WJ2 Tsuyoikaze continues to lead all comers despite having dropped his second match in two days. A large group of contenders are three losses down and within striking distance should Tsuyoikaze continue rack up the black circles. In Makushita, things got muddled again with no clear contender at hand. Seven members of the division are fighting it out with a 7-2 record including Em7 Frinkanohana and Em8 Titonohana who will square off in an important head-to-head bout on day ten.
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/19

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 8
At Nakabi, the leader board of two of the divisions saw a major shift in contenders. In Makunouchi, WM7 Hironoumi was upended for the first time this tournament to fall to 7-1. However, the only member of the second tier to survive the day was Komusubi Susanoo who now shares a co-leader position at the identical 7-1 mark. Sekiwake Andoreasu improved to 5-3 to keep his Ozeki promotion chances alive going into the second week of action.
In Juryo, WJ2 Tsuyoikaze lost for the first time in the Haru Basho to EJ11 Hakubayama. As a result, Hakubayama picked a match to leader and is now a step behind at 6-2 along with WJ6 Takanosushi who is slumping with a second straight loss. In Makushita, Em8 Titonohana emerged the sole leader at 7-1 after all other members at the top of the board dropped to 6-2.
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/18

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 7
The late Al Davis, fiery and often controversial owner of the NFL franchise Oakland Raiders, made his reputation over one famous quote, "Just win baby". It seems that Hakuho this tournament for whatever reason has taken these immortal words to heart and decided to incorporate this sporting wisdom into his game plan. For the third straight day, Hakuho has won, but in very unyokozuna-like fashion. On day five and six he did a step aside movement against his opponents instead of taking a charge straight on and yesterday resorted to a 'jikanmae' against Tokitenku who Hakuho has dominated in their career rivalry. Tokitenku was surprised as was the gyoji and most of the audience, but since Tokitenku instinctively reacted by touching his hands down on the clay, the match proceeded with Hakuho picking up the win. So, yes, Hakuho is the sole leader of the Haru basho but so far his sumo has left a lot to be desired.
In Makunouchi division after seven days, WM7 Hironoumi is the sole leader and still perfect at 7-0. A sizeable group of five are one match off the pace at 6-1. In Juryo, WJ2 Tsuyoikaze became the sole leader after his nearest rival, WJ6 Takanosushi picked up his first kuroboshi of the basho. Two losses from the leader, at 5-2 is EJ11 Hakubayama. In Makushita Em18 Kotoedo will be denied his second perfect tournament after falling to 6-1 but still has a share of the lead with four others, also at 6-1.
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/17

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 6
After six days of the Haru Basho, WM7 Hironoumi is the sole leader while improving to 6-0. One match off the pace are a large group of competitors including Komusubi Susanoo. Ozeki candidate Andoreasu, who reeled off three straight, picked up his third loss and now must rally to reach the goal of an 11-4 tournament record. In Juryo, WJ2 Tsuyoikaze and WJ6 Takanosushi are undefeated after six days to share the lead. In Makushita, Em18 Kotoedo who went zensho yushu in November is attempting to repeat the task this tournament and is presently the man to beat in the divison.
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/16

Haru Basho 2013 - Day 4
After four days of a wild and unpredictable Haru Basho the leader board of top division of Sumo Game has started to take shape. WM1 Ekigozan, WM5 Screechingowl, WM7 Hironoumi, EM11 Maiku and EM13 Vikanohara are undefeated as co-leaders at the early stages of the tournament. In Juryo, WM2 Tsuyoikaze, EJ4 Sebunshu and WJ6 Takanosushi are noteworthy after day four while in Makushita, an eight way battle for supremacy will most likely thin in the coming days.
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/14

Haru Basho 2013 - Days 1 and 2
Welcome to the Haru Basho 2013. First off, we hope that all of you fellow hay fever sufferers are not on too short a fuse and can remain focused for the duration of the tournament. This time around we have a total of 136 active participants including six newcomers to the game. The banzuke for the spring tournament has seven sanyaku members but unfortunately we are still missing a Yokozuna and only have Hokuro proudly waving the Ozeki banner. At the Sekiwake rank Andoreasu has a decent shot at a promotion to Ozeki but must overcome a slow start and finish at 11-4 to get a bump upwards in May.
So far, the basho has been typical for Osaka with lots of early upsets especially in the Ozeki slot where all but Kakuyu have already picked up a kuroboshi. Hakuho, for the first time in several years has been relegated to West Yokozuna after Yokozuna Harumafuji went zenshou in the January placing him at East position for the first time in his career.
There is still plenty of action down the road and if you live in the Osaka area, try to make it live and root for your favorite rikishi. Have fun and good luck!
by Nushuzan, 2013/3/12


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