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Hatsu Basho 2014 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M7 Ekigozan (12-3; 104 points)
Juryo Yusho:J1 Gaijingai (12-3; 104 points)
Makushita Yusho:m38 Jejima (13-2; 101 points)
Gino-sho:M7 Ekigozan (12-3; 104 points)
Kanto-sho:M16 Kamakiriyama (10-5; 99 points)
Shukun-sho:not awarded
by Takanotaki, 2014/1/27

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 15
The first basho of the year proved to be a tough one, with only 14 Makuuchi rikishi achieving a winning record.
W Maegashira 7 Ekigozan got the perfect revenge over E Maegashira 1 Natsunoyama for his defeat in their head-to-head match yesterday by winning his final bout while his rival lost, taking the yusho on points scored. As Ekigozan scored the most points in the division, it is a fair result and he will enjoy being awarded at least the gino-sho as well.
E Juryo 1 Gaijingai won his final bout and took the second division yusho easily. Gaijingai would actually have lost if he had faced his closest rival E Juryo 12 Survivor but if it is any consolation for the phenomenal Survivor, he would have lost the yusho on a tie-break anyway. Amazingly it is the sixth double-digit basho out of six for him: the sanyaku division awaits. Gaijingai is a fully deserved winner this time because - like Ekigozan - he scored the most points as well.
And Makushita was topsy-turvy to say the least. On this day of upsets, drones fared far better than usual. This was bad news for Domichi, who lost to a drone, and great news for Jejima...who droned himself! The other challenger Danyotsu won her bout but was beaten to the yusho by Jejima on points scored by quite a wide margin.
It has been a crazy basho with some very low scoring overall. Hope to see you all for the Haru Basho in Osaka in March.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/26

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 14
E Maegashira 1 Natsunoyama emerged vicorious in his bout with closest challenger W Maegashira 7 Ekigozan while Flohru was eliminated from the race by Komusubi Kotononami's excellent ten-pointer. Both contendors have strong opponents tomorrow. Natsunoyama needs only a win, but if he loses and Ekigozan wins, the advantage will go to the pursuer as he has a two-point scoring advantage. In other Makuuchi news, our Ozeki Tosahayate sadly fell to a losing record today and will be kadoban in March.
In Juryo Gaijingai won to keep ahead of only challenger Survivor. With a three-point score deficit, Survivor would need to score very highly AND hope Gaijingai loses. Miracle time?
And Makushita holds plenty of potential excitement. There are three leaders with 12-2 records and none of them meet each other tomorrow. The four pursuers will be praying that all three leaders lose. Jejima and Domichi both have very high scores and are in pole position. Danyotsu, the other leader, is way off the pace points-wise and will need both her co-leaders to lose. Anything can happen here.
Good luck tomorrow everyone.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/25

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 13
Natsunoyama and Ekigozan march on with some very impressive results and now lead the Makuuchi division with 11-2 records. Flohru is their only likely challenger and he is one win off the pace. The two leaders meet on day 14 for the highlight bout of the basho, and Flohru therefore knows he will have to beat Komusubi Kotononami to stay in the race.
In Juryo Gaijingai regains the sole lead with only two wrestlers in the immediate chasing pack. And the Makushita race has become very interesting with Jejima losing. Danyotsu and Domichi now join him on 11-2 with a pack of six hoping for mistakes from the three leaders.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/24

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 11
It's a tale of two leaders on day 11. E Maegashira 1 Natsunoyama W Maegashira 7 Ekigozan regained the lead of the Makuuchi division, with four wrestlers just one win behind. No sanyaku rikishi are in sight at all at this stage.
In Juryo Gaijingai lost for the second straight day allowing Fujisan a share of the lead at 9-2. And in Makushita the last unbeaten wrestler Jejima finally fell to strong challenger Domichi. Jejima now shares the lead with Danyotsu, who has quietly been racking up the wins.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/23

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 9
Both Makuuchi leaders lost today, meaning four Maegashira level players now set the pace with 7-2 records. A small group of three is one off the pace.
In Juryo Gaijingai continues his superb form to extend his zensho streak to 9-0. Fujisan and rising star Survivor are his nearest challengers with seven wins. And the only other unbeaten player can be found in Makushita as Jejima wins again. Kamakiri and Danyotsu are waiting to pounce on any errors.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/20

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 7
As we approach the halfway stage we have only three leaders in Makuuchi, all with one loss, and all Maegashira level.
In Juryo Gaijingai coninues to set the pace and he is as yet unbeaten. The lone Achiyama stubbornly stays one win behind. And Jejima is the only unbeaten player left in Makushita.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/19

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 5
In Makuuchi the sole leader on day 4, EM1 Natsunoyama lost, falling back into a group of seven with 4-1 records.
Top-ranked Juryo fighter Gaijingai is looking good for a return to the big time as he continues to set the pace as sole unbeaten leader. And there are only four unbeaten wrestlers left in the Makushita division.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/17

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 3
The lead in Makuuchi has been whittled down to four unbeaten players including Sekiwake Andoreasu.
In Juryo we already have a sole leader in Gaijingai. And the Makushita division leaderboard is beginning to take shape.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/15

Hatsu Basho 2014 - Day 2
Happy New Year! And welcome all to the the first Sumo Game tournament of 2014.
There is little to report at the top of the banzuke, as ozeki promotions are extremely unlikely and our Ozeki Tosahayate is not kadoban.
Days one and two have been very low-scoring, reflecting the many surprises on the dohyo so far.
In Makuuchi ten players are off to perfect starts, including E Sekiwake Andoreasu, E Komusubi Ganzohnesushi and W Komusubi Kotononami. Only four lead in Juryo, while Makushita is the usual mess at this early stage.
by Pandaazuma, 2014/1/14


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