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Nagoya Basho 2015 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:K Konosato (11-4; 111 points)
Juryo Yusho:J10 Domichi (11-4; 107 points)
Makushita Yusho:m16 Sokkenaiyama (13-2; 111 points)
Gino-sho:S Kogaratsu (9-6; 112 points)
M5 Metzinowaka (9-6; 112 points)
Kanto-sho:M9 Kaiowaka (10-5; 111 points)
M10 Survivor (10-5; 111 points)
Shukun-sho:not rewarded
by Takanotaki, 2015/7/27

Nagoya Basho 2015 - Day 15
As things turned out in Makuuchi, only two of the leading pack of five won on senshuraku: Komusubi Konosato and Ganzohnesushi. Konosato won the yusho play-off by virtue of his superior points score. Congratulations to him on his second Makuuchi yusho and zannen to Ganzohnesushi for only just missing out on his first top-division title.
The Juryo division did not require a play-off as Domichi won his death match to take the trophy with an 11-4 record. Makushita however required a play-off between former Ozeki Sokkenaiyama and Tenshinhan, but that was a lopsided affair as Sokkenaiyama has a far superior points total.
None of the ozeki promotion candidates achieved their target totals, but interestingly Konosato has 31 wins in his last three basho, although he missed Natsu. The rules are not clear in this instance so it will be up to the gamesmaster to decide. All will become clear when the next banzuke is released.
Congratulations to all the winners. Have a safe summer and we hope to see everyone back in September.
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/26

Nagoya Basho 2015 - Day 14
Going into the final day the Makuuchi race is very exciting with five wrestlers all in with a shout of yusho. In the unlikely event of them all losing, three wrestlers with 9 wins are waiting in the wings for a chance too. Kaiowaka is in pole position as he has one more point than closest rival Survivor but it really could go to anyone.
The Juryo yusho can only go to three wrestlers now: Bunijiman, Domichi and Mainoumi, with the latter two facing each other. A win for Bunijiman would probably be enough for yusho as he has a slight points advantage. There is a similar scenario in Makushita: Former Ozeki Sokkenaiyama, Mariohana and Tenshinhan are all in the mix, with Sokkenaiyama facing Mariohana directly. Sokkenaiyama is a country mile ahead of his rivals on points so a win for him will give him the trophy.
Good luck to all the players!
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/26

Nagoya Basho 2015 - Day 12
Komusubi ScreechingOwl won again and is now in pole position as we reach the final stages. Fellow Komusubi Konosato is just one win behind along with Kaiowaka.
Domichi won the battle between the two leaders in Juryo and is now the sole leader. Four wrestlers are just behind with 8-4 records. In Makushita, leader Yahiko lost and the race is now a free-for-all between seven leaders along with four more wrestlers just one win off the pace.
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/24

Nagoya Basho 2015 - Day 11
In Makuuchi, Komusubi ScreechingOwl overcame a powerful sanyaku foe to maintain sole lead of Makuuchi. Four wrestlers are one win behind.
Two wrestlers now lead the Juryo division: Domichi and Gurowake. A group of five are just behind, waiting for mishaps. And Makushita has a sole leader in Yahiko.
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/23

Nagoya Basho 2015 - Day 9
Sole leader Survivor lost today in a high-level bout and he is now part of a leading group of four. As expected, he is brought up to face a sanyaku foe - one of his rivals, Komusubi ScreechingOwl.
Juryo is extremely open with nine players sporting 6-3 records. And Makushita is led by two newcomers: Chankoyama and Yahiko.
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/20

Nagoya Basho 2015 - Day 8
Three of the leading four wrestlers lost today, leaving Survivor as the sole (surviving) leader at 7-1. He was fortunate today to have an opponent with Harumafuji in the 2-slot! In the second week it is likely he will have to battle more challenging opponents!
Juryo now has five leaders after Chisaiyama lost for two straight days. And Makushita is also very open to thanks to Smoczayama's loss.
In ozeki promotion news, Tosahayate sadly failed in his quest to return to the ozeki rank and will have to start again from scratch. Sekiwake Oskanohana won today but he will still need seven wins out of seven from tomorrow to get the nod. The same goes for Sekiwake Randomitsuki.
Good luck to everyone in the second week!
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/20

Nagoya Basho 2015 - Day 5
In the top two divisions we now have only one leader - Komusubi Pandaazuma in Makuuchi and Chisaiyama in Juryo. Reasonable-sized packs are nipping at their furry heels one win behind.
In Makushita only two wrestlers remain unbeaten: Yeditoshi and Smoczayama.
In the ozeki promotion stakes, Sekiwake Tosahayate lost again today and now needs 8 wins out of the remaining 10 bouts to return to the second-highest rank. Sekiwake Oskanahana won but he also needs to win 8 more. Difficult but not impossible!
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/16

Nagoya Basho 2015 - Day 4
The divisional yusho races are now beginning to take shape. In Makuuchi, only two wrestlers remain perfect: Komusubi Screeching Owl and Komusubi Pandaazuma.
In Juryo the perfect trio of Mainoumi, Andrasoyamawaka and Chisaiyama lead the way and - surprisingly for these early stages - Makushita also only has three unbeaten wrestlers: Yeditoshi, Smoczayama and Mariohana.
In the ozeki promotion battle, Tosahayate and Oskanohana have grabbed a couple of wins but at 2-2 they will now need exceptional records over the remainder of the tournament to move upwards.
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/16

Nagoya Basho 2014 - Day 1
Welcome to the steaming hot Nagoya tournament.
Sekiwake Tosahayate will be hoping for a quick return to the ozeki rank - he needs ten wins - but he got off to a bad start yesterday with a loss. Sekiwake Oskanohana, who just missed out on ozeki promotion last tournament, has another chance and needs 11 wins to get the nod. Sadly he also began with a loss. The other two Sekiwake Randomitsuki and Kogaratsu need 12 and 13 wins respectively but they are both off to winning starts.
Good luck to all the players, and a special welcome to all the newcomers in Makushita.
by Pandaazuma, 2015/7/13


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