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Haru Basho 2018 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M8 Flohru (13-2; 102 points)
Juryo Yusho:J4 Tragikomy (12-3; 102 points)
Makushita Yusho:m43 Raiden (13-2; 101 points)
Gino-sho:M7 Takanosushi (12-3; 104 points)
M11 Survivor (8-7; 104 points)
M16 Kibooyama (10-5; 104 points)
Kanto-sho:M7 Takanosushi (12-3; 104 points)
Shukun-sho:S Metzinowaka (10-5; 101 points)
by Takanotaki, 2018/3/26

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 15
With Takanosushi's win over Sekiwake Metzinowaka, Flohru had to keep his nerve and he duly did so (with a generous hat tip to Goeido being Goeido). Congratulations to Flohru on his fifth Makuuchi yusho, a number achieved only by Norizo and Gaijingai. He should get a nice bump into sanyaku and has a perfect platform for building an ozeki run over the next two tournaments. Takanosushi was unlucky after an excellent scoring performance but will at least be receiving the gino-sho and a probable jump into sanyaku with his rival.
Tragikomy overcame Wakamasuto in the Juryo death match by a very fine margin and can celebrate a return to Makuuchi. And Raiden slaughtered Kotoshu in their yusho bout to take a very well-deserved Makushita title on his debut.
Sekiwake Metzinowaka performed very strongly this tournament but missed the ozeki promotion target by just one win. He may still get the nod, but it won't be by the numbers. If he doesn't go up, he has a good platform for ozeki promotion in May, where he would need 10 wins.
As for the newcomers at the top of the banzuke, Yokozuna Pandaazuma achieved a winning record with a high-scoring performance. Ozeki Yamashiro fell just short of a winning record and will be kadoban in May.
Congratulations to all the winners...and see you back here in May.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/25

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 14
It was the big showdown between the two long-time leaders Flohru and Takanosushi. Flohru emerged victorious and is now the sole leader and so a win tomorrow will give him a record-equalling fifth Makuuchi yusho. Takanosushi still has a chance, however. He must hope Flohru loses and must also defeat Sekiwake Metzinowaka...and also have a score that is at least one point lower than Flohru's. This bout has further implications, in that a win for Metzinowaka will guarantee ozeki promotion.
Juryo will be decided in a straight death match between Tragikomy and Wakamasuto, and Makushita will also feature a yusho clinching bout between Raiden and Kotosho.
Good luck to all the contenders.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/24

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 12
Flohru overcame out-of-sorts Ozeki Yamashiro with ease to break into the sole lead, taking advantage of an off day for Takanosushi. Flohru managed to halve the difference in scores at one stroke but he still trails his rival by three points. This may become crucial.
In Juryo Tragikomy lost, allowing Wakamasuto into the joint lead at 9-3. Raiden in Makushita fell to the same fate, and he now shares the lead with Kotosho.
Sekiwake Metzinowaka won again and is now only two wins away from ozeki promotion.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/22

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 11
Flohru and Takanosushi posted strong wins to stay two in front of the field and, with only four days remaining, are now the hot favourites for the title.
Tragikomy returned to winning ways in Juryo and is the sole leader. The same goes for Raiden in Makushita, who is trailed only by Kotosho.
Sekiwake Chankoyama's ozeki run has sadly ended in failure but Sekiwake Metzinowaka's is still very much alive and kicking. He needs three out of four, starting with Kaiomitsuki tomorrow.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/21

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 10
Flohru's first loss came today, and it was a slaughter at the hands of impressive ozeki hopeful Sekiwake Metzinowaka. The sekiwake now needs four out of five. Takanosushi took advantage, beating Mmikasazuma to draw level. In fact, by virtue of his superior score, he is now leading. Four players have faint hopes of yusho at 7-3.
There was leaderboard carnage in Juryo too, but Tragikomy keeps the lead with an 8-2 record. And in Makushita Raiden lost but is still leading the field with a 9-1 record.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/20

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 9
In Makuuchi the two main leaders, Flohru (9-0) and Takanosushi (8-1) picked up wins to stay clear of the field. They can expect to meet mostly sanyaku opposition for the remainder of the basho.
In Juryo Tragikomy and Kamakiriyama both lost but, as with Makuuchi, both stay clear in the lead. And in Makushita, Raiden won again to go two wins clear.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/20

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 8
Flohru just keeps on winning and he celebrates a perfect 8-0 record at the mid-point of the tournament. Takanosushi stays stubbornly on his tail with 7 wins.
It's an identical scenario in Juryo as Tragikomy takes the sole lead with Kamakiriyama on the hunt just behind. And...amazingly...we have the SAME scenario again in Makushita, this time respectively with newcomer Raiden and Hesokso.
Ozeki promotion update: Sekiwake Chankoyama is in trouble now, needing to win six out of seven against her fellow sanyaku players. Sekiwake Metzinowaka has been extremely impressive since losing the first two days, winning six straight to keep his hopes alive. He needs five more out of seven, also against mostly sanyaku opposition.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/18

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 6
The leader boards are taking shape nicely as day six goes into the books. Former Sekiwake Flohru is the only remaining unbeaten Makuuchi player. Yokozuna Pandaazuma and Takanosushi, who scored a fantastic 10 today, trail with 5-1 records.
Juryo is led by two perfect records from Tragikomy and Kamakiriyama. And it is the same in Makushita as Hesokso and Raiden blaze the trail.
Ozeki promotion update: Sekiwake Chankoyama is struggling with a 2-4 record. She now needs to win seven out of the final nine bouts. Sekiwake Metzinowaka has come back to a 4-2 record, but he also needs seven.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/16

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 3
Sekiwake Yassier and Komusubi Susanoo stayed perfect along with four Maegashira players today. Juryo's perfectionists have been whittled down to a group of four, Makushita's eight.
In ozeki promotion news Sekiwake Chankoyama picked up another win to go 2-1. She now needs seven wins out of 12. Sekiwake Metzinowaka started the long trek to 11, getting his first win today. And shin Ozeki Yamashiro can breathe a sigh of relief, scoring his first win as an ozeki.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/13

Haru Basho 2018 - Day 2
Welcome to the Osaka spring tournament. Without some of the usual star names, this is already shaping up to be very unpredictable.
On the virtual sumo of this game, we welcome the 4th Yokozuna Pandaazuma. It is the first time we have had a yokozuna since Doitsuyama's last tournament at the rank in September 2009...eight and a half years ago. We also welcome new Ozeki Yamashiro, who has been deservedly promoted after showing very strong sumo in recent tournaments.
Regarding possible promotions, Sekiwake Chankoyama needs just nine wins to get the nod (she is currently 1-1) and Sekiwake Metzinowaka needs eleven (sadly he is off to the worst possible start).
Sekiwake Yassier (who could also be promoted with 13 or 14 wins and a yusho) and Komusubi Susanoo are off to perfect starts in Makuuchi. Juryo is led by a group of seven. Makushita is yet to form its leaderboard, but newcomer Raiden is living up to the famous name so far.
Good luck to all the promotees and players.
by Pandaazuma, 2018/3/12


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