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Aki Basho 2020 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:K Kibooyama (12-3; 94 points)
Juryo Yusho:J7 Norizo (12-3; 101 points)
Makushita Yusho:m31 Patikoyama (12-3; 97 points)
Gino-sho:S Trender (8-7; 104 points)
Kanto-sho:M9 Mananoyama (11-4; 94 points)
Shukun-sho:K Flohru (8-7, 92 points)
by Takanotaki, 2020/9/28

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 15
Congratulations to Komusubi Kibooyama, who came through a tight match to close out a deserved first yusho in his first basho in sanyaku. He will be joining the very crowded sekiwake ranks next time and is well place for an ozeki run.
Norizo lost today in Juryo but he had already wrapped up the title. Patikoyama won the Makushita championship with a comfortable tie-break win.
Congratulations to all the winners. See you back here in November.
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/27

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 14
Komusubi Kibooyama picked up yet another win and is still the sole leader with an 11-3 record. Tomorrow he fights Chankoyama and may well need another win because a loss could let in one of the three pursuers. The largest threat is Mananoyama who has a higher score than the komusubi.
Norizo won to take the Juryo yusho with a day to spare. He may well have enough wins to be promoted straight back to Makuuchi in November. Makushita is more complex with the four 11-3 players all scheduled to fight each other. This means Golyohana, with his inferior score, is most likely out of the race. The remaining three (Hakuhosho, Patikoyama and Inumisakari) will all need to win and hope their score is good enough to win a tie.
Finally, we sadly report that Ozeki Andonishiki will be demoted to sekiwake next time after failing to achieve 8 wins. He will have a chance for re-promotion if he can win ten in November.
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/26

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 12
Komusubi Kibooyama squeaked through a tie-break to make it ten wins. He still needs to shake off four chasers though.
Norizo marches on with ease to an almost certain yusho in Juryo. Hakuhosho and Patikoyama keep up the fine work and reach the ten-win mark in Makushita.
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/24

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 11
Mananoyama was denied a win by the nimble feet of Enho and this allowed Komusubi Kibooyama to take the sole lead in what has been a fine sanyaku debut. A large group of seven are waiting for a slip-up.
Former Ozeki Norizo is now the sole leader in Juryo. He'll be hoping to win out the final four days and return to the level he belongs at. Hakuhosho and Patikoyama still lead Makushita.
Kadoban Ozeki fell to a seventh loss and now needs to win all of his four remaining bouts to stay at the ozeki rank. We all know he is capable of it...so fingers crossed for the lad!
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/23

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 10
Komusubi Kibooyama and Mananoyama now share the lead with 8-2 records. A group of six lurks one win behind.
Norizo and Kaiowaka are duking it out in Juryo. And Anjoboshi, Hakuhosho, Patikoyama and Holleshoryu are all in prime position for the Makushita yusho.
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/22

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 8
Two of the co-leaders lost, opening the door for Kogaratsu to take the sole lead with a 7-1 record. A group of seven remains on his tail.
In Juryo Kaiowaka lost so there are five leaders. Very open indeed. Chikaraho, Patikoyama and Asapedroryu lead Makushita.
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/20

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 7
Survivor lost two straight days and so has left the leader board. Kibooyama, Kogaratsu and Yumezukuri now lead with 6-1 records.
Kaiowaka leads Juryo with six wins. A group of five lead Makushita with the same score.
Sekiwake Chocshoporyu lost again and so this means there will be no new ozeki in September. Ozeki Andonishiki is having a rough time in his kadoban basho and is now in the danger zone at 2-5. He can only lose two more in the final eight days.
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/19

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 5
Survivor is our sole leader in Makuuchi after day five and is the only unbeaten player in the top division. He is followed by a group of nine hopefuls.
Four players lead Juryo including former Ozeki Norizo, who obviously outclasses that division and won't be there long. Asapedroryu leads Makushita all alone with a perfect score.
Sekiwake Chocshoporyu's dream of ozeki promotion is in tatters now and will need to win every day to get the nod. Kadoban Ozeki Andonishiki needs to be very careful as he is currently 2-3. He needs 6 out of 10 to keep his rank.
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/17

Aki Basho 2020 - Day 2
Welcome to the Aki Basho! Banzuke news: We have a shin komusubi in the form of Kibooyama and he is off to a fine perfect start. And shin Sekiwake Sagi is off to the same excellent start. Ozeki Andonishiki is kadoban this time and so needs 8 wins to keep his rank. He is 1-1. Sekiwake Chocshoporyu needs 11 wins for ozeki promotion but he will need to step up his game as he is now 0-2.
Good luck to all the competitors.
by Pandaazuma, 2020/9/14


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