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Nagoya Basho 2022 - Winners
Makuuchi Yusho:M3 Yamashiro (12-3, 102)
Juryo Yusho:J4 Fetmen (12-3, 96)
Makushita Yusho:m3 Inunoyama (12-3, 93)
Gino-sho:M3 Yamashiro (12-3, 102)
Kanto-sho:M14 Chishafuwaku (11-4, 96)
Shukun-sho:S Trender (8-7, 87)
by Takanotaki, 2022/7/25

Nagoya Basho 2022 - Day 15
Yamashiro picked shrewdly yet again and came through a tricky day intact with a 12-3 yusho, his second in the top division. Looks like he wants his ozeki rank back asap.
In Juryo Fetmen lost and Hagenosenshi won so it came down to a tie. Fetmen has a superior score so the long-time leader takes home the the yusho and will be promoted back to Makuuchi for the first time in over two years.
And in Makuuchi Chiyoazuma won the death match but Inunoyama also won her bout and forced a tie-break. Her higher score gives her a deserved first yusho and very likely promotion to Juryo.
So no ozeki next time but five or possibly six sekiwake. See you all back here in September when hopefully there won't be so much kyujo carnage.
Congratulations to all the winners!
by Pandaazuma, 2022/7/24

Nagoya Basho 2022 - Day 14
Yamashiro won again and is now the sole leader with 11 wins. He is trailed by Yokozuna Pandaazuma and Chishafuwaku. Even if Yamashiro loses tomorrow and his pursuers win, his superior scoring would almost certainly guarantee the yusho anyway.
Fetmen still leads Juryo. His only remaining rival is Hagenosenshi, who will need Fetmen to lose tomorrow while winning himself AND outscore Fetmen by 3 points. A tall order but not impossible.
In Makushita Inunoyama lost today and now shares the lead with Oskahanada and Chiyoazuma. The latter two fight each other tomorrow so Inunoyama will have to win to stay in the race. Inunoyama has a slight lead (only one point) in scoring but can definitely be caught if she has an off day.
Good luck to all the contenders!
by Pandaazuma, 2022/7/23

Nagoya Basho 2022 - Day 13
Lots of kyujo rikishi are playing havoc with some of the match-ups. Please keep an eye on the kyujo announcements to keep things as fair as possible.
Former Ozeki Yamashiro keeps up the fine work and takes his place as sole leader with a 10-3 record. Yokozuna Pandaazuma, Susanoo and Makuuchi returnee Chishafuwaku are just one win behind.
Fetmen won again, but so did his shadow Hagenosenshi. Balon is two wins off the pace and hoping for a miracle. In Makushita Inunoyama remains on course for her first yusho in Makushita, just before she is promoted closer to her level.
by Pandaazuma, 2022/7/22

Nagoya Basho 2022 - Day 12
Former Ozeki Yamashiro now leads the Makuuchi division along with Susanoo. Five hopefuls are in immediate pursuit.
It's still the Fetmen show in Juryo. He leads with 10 wins. Hagenosenshi is one win behind. And Inunoyama is still the sole leader of Makushita.
by Pandaazuma, 2022/7/21

Nagoya Basho 2022 - Day 9
Yokozuna Pandaazuma won again (as Niobee lost) to take the sole lead of the Makuuchi division. Niobee and gaming veteran Susanoo are one win behind.
Fetmen still leads Juryo with Balon and Kotosho hot on his tail. Inunoyama and Oortael can also celebrate early winning records and a share of the lead of Makushita.
And sadly Ozeki Kakushoyamaii's comeback wasn't to be and he will be demoted to Sekiwake in September, when he will have a chance to return to the ozeki rank if he posts 10 wins, something he is perfectly capable of.
by Pandaazuma, 2022/7/18

Nagoya Basho 2022 - Day 8
Yokozuna Pandaazuma and Niobee now lead Makuuchi with 7-1 records as we put nakabi into the books.
Fetmen is still perfect in Juryo and is now the only unbeaten player in all divisions. And four hopefuls lead Makushita with 7 wins.
Looking at the banzuke, Sekiwake ScreechingOwl's ozeki run is still alive but he will need to win all seven remaining days. Kadoban Ozeki Kakushoyamaii has his back against the wall for the rest of the tournament as he now has to win every remaining day to avoid demotion.
by Pandaazuma, 2022/7/17

Nagoya Basho 2022 - Day 6
We may as well call this 'Nasty Nagoya' as it is currently by far the lowest-scoring tournament in Sumo Game history!
Niobee is now the sole leader of Makuuchi with a perfect 6-0 record. Yokozuna Pandaazuma is part of a chasing group of four.
Fetmen leads Juryo with six wins. And Makushita has been whittled down to four unbeaten players, including the extremely promising Inunoyama.
by Pandaazuma, 2022/7/15

Nagoya Basho 2022 - Day 3
Welcome to the sweltering Nagoya tournament!
On the banzuke, Sekiwake Survivor is the closest to an ozeki promotion, needing ten wins to get the nod. He hasn't started ideally, however, with a 1-2 record. Sekiwake ScreechingOwl needs 12 wins for promotion and it's so far so good as he shares the 3-0 lead.
Ozeki Kakushoyamaii has to be careful as he is kadoban this tournament and therefore needs 8 wins to keep his rank. He has lost all three opening days so needs to get on his game asap.
As of Day 3, Sekiwake ScreechingOwl and Sekiwake Kazutoyama lead with four unbeaten Maegashira wrestlers.
Good luck to all the players!
by Pandaazuma, 2022/7/12


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