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Two travel bloggers traversed the country while posting daily blogs about their experiences. One started in the north and the other in the south to meet in the center one month down the road.

Along the way, daily walks were held in which the bloggers were joined by tourists and locals.

The next We Love Japan Tour is planned for 2015.

We Love Japan Tour 2013 - Thanks for a successful tour!
After an intensive month discovering the hidden beauties across Japan, both of our travel bloggers arrived safely in Itoigawa City, bringing the We Love Japan Tour 2013... read all
November 2, 2013 (Day 30) - SOUTH ROUTE
Itoigawa - the final leg
I met THE Thomas Koehler at Hotel Kunitomi Suisenkaku yesterday! It was great to be able to finally meet the man who started it all, in person. We had dinner together before retiring for the night... read all
November 2, 2013 (Day 30) - NORTH ROUTE
This Itoigawa walk marks the end of my We Love Japan Tour adventure. We were a good sized group this morning... read all
November 1, 2013 (Day 29) - NORTH ROUTE
Snow Monkeys
Yesterday evening after a great meal, I took one last dip, but this time it was in Biyunoyadofs rooftop onsen. You have to ask for the key at the front desk... read all
November 1, 2013 (Day 29) - SOUTH ROUTE
Kamikochi to Itoigawa
After yesterdayfs blue skies and excellent weather conditions, I woke up with great expectations for today. The idea was to head to Matsumoto Castle to see the sunrise... read all
October 31, 2013 (Day 28) - SOUTH ROUTE
Kamikochi, you're the best
If I thought Kiso Valley was beautiful (it still is!), Ifve been swayed by Kamikochi. Left the hotel early in the morning to start my journey towards Kamikochi read all
October 31, 2013 (Day 28) - NORTH ROUTE
Kusatsu to Yudanaka
Yesterday evening I went for a stroll through Kusatsu onsen in the dark. Itfs a very atmospheric place by day, so I thought that at night it might be nice as well - which it was... read all
October 30, 2013 (Day 27) - NORTH ROUTE
Kusatsu Onsen
Today after nice pancakes for breakfast at Yoshinoya Ryokan in Kusatsu Onsen, I took the bus up to the top of Mount Shirane, an active volcano on the outskirts of town... read all
October 30, 2013 (Day 27) - SOUTH ROUTE
Magome to Kamikochi
I drove to Narai, just 30 minutes away from the hotel, and took a walk in the old town. It is very similar to Magome and Tsumago with the buildings all kept as they were... read all
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