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2016/10/5 - The Birthday Kippu
by jmaccc
If youfre ever in Shikoku during your birthday month and youfre looking for a cheap and convenient way to travel, look into the The Birthday Kippu... read all
2016/11/12 - Fuji Five lakes - Trip to Kawaguchiko in Autumn 2016
by Arvind M
Lake Kawaguchiko is a beautiful lake near the foothills of Mount Fuji. It is one of the most popular and visited lake among the Fuji five lakes... read all
2016/11/12 - All aboard! The Kyushu Railway History Museum
by Maridette
Almost two hours by train from Fukuoka via JR Kagoshima Line is the historical town of Moji which is also popularly known as Mojiko... read all
2016/11/6 - Memories of Kamakura
by Maridette
This is my first Travel Report in Japan Guide so I chose a place that has left many warm memories in my heart and mind... read all
2010/4/1 - The Art of Bathing: A Guide to Japanese Onsen (by Bannister Bergen)
by banmanb2
Bathing is a simple joy many of us take for granted. Like most men, I too enjoy the pleasures of soaking in a hot bath... read all
2016/10/13 - Biwako Biennale
by Rabbityama
In a year in which the larger and more famous Setouchi Triennale is going on, a smaller festival like the BIWAKO Biennale may get overlooked... read all
2016/6/29 - Hiroshima - Temple walk and Kagura
by FancyLampshade
Despite the saddening first day in Hiroshima I woke up in a good mood the next day and excited to get started... read all
2016/6/28 - Hiroshima - Peace sites
by FancyLampshade
Warning for this will be an emotional post (and somewhat graphic) for my first day in Hiroshima visiting the Peace Park and Museum... read all
2016/6/27 - Onomichi (Hiroshima Prefecture)
by FancyLampshade
I arrived to Onomichi the afternoon of the day before, after visiting Kurashiki, so the first few photos aren't really from the walk itself... read all
2016/6/26 - Kurashiki (Okayama Prefecture)
by FancyLampshade
Since there were no curtains in my room I woke up together with the sun and decided to walk around before I had to leave... read all
2016/6/25 - Bizen (Okayama Prefecture)
by FancyLampshade
Back at my hostel in Himeji after spending the morning at Mt.Shosha, the other two guests from the room next door had also just returned from Himeji Castle... read all
2015/10/17 - Nightly adventures, night train from Izumo to Tokyo
by lordzubat
For many years I have had a huge interest in railways. Japan being the number one nation coming to train travel also have had it's share of night trains... read all
2016/7/8 - Hokkaido Day 7 - Last Day in Shiretoko
by Aaron Chong
It was the third day on the Shiretoko Peninsula and it was time for an epic whale watching cruise in Rausu... read all
2016/9/10 - Mount Fuji climb - 3rd time
by petersnow
read all
2016/8/2 - Ohori Park - Fukuoka
by mfedley
After two enjoyable but hot weeks in North Western Kyushu my last post will cover the large and sprawling Ohori Park found in Fukuoka City... read all
2016/7/23 - Norikura Heights
by jioruji
At the base of Mount Norikura lies the highland of Norikura. The highland is dotted with waterfalls and awesome vistas... read all
2016/7/7 - Hokkaido Day 6 - Bear Watching Cruise and Rausu
by Aaron Chong
Day 2 in Shiretoko had come and I started the morning with a wonderful breakfast at Kiraku before I headed off to Utoro port to join the bear watching cruise... read all
2016/7/6 - Hokkaido Day 5 - Shiretoko Five Lakes
by Aaron Chong
Day 5 in Hokkaido had finally arrived and it was time to head out to explore the wilderness of Hokkaido's one and only UNESCO world heritage site, Shiretoko... read all
2016/7/25 - Setouchi Triennale 2016, Summer Season: Naoshima
by MMurrayNZ
I went to Naoshima and Teshima to see some of the new works, staying in a yurt on the beach... read all
2016/7/26 - Setouchi Triennale 2016, Summer Season: Teshima.
by MMurrayNZ
The island of Teshima is similar to Naoshima, but it is substantially bigger, and its hilly landscape definitely requires some help from one of the many electric bicycles... read all

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