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2015/6/27 - Iiyama City & Madarao Kogen - Nagano
by mfedley
For my last post, I showed you some of the more rural sites of Iiyama. However, I decided to spend most of today in Iiyama town along with visiting Madarao Kogen... read all
2015/6/26 - Rural Iiyama & Nozawa Onsen - Nagano
by mfedley
Iiyama is roughly 2 hours from Tokyo on the new Hokuriku Shinkansen and is home to beautiful scenery which Nagano prefecture is famous for... read all
2015/6/24 - Manza Onsen - Gunma Prefecture
by mfedley
Manza Onsen is a rural onsen town in Gunma Prefecture which is famous for it's highly acidic waters along with large chain hotels... read all
2015/6/23 - Kusatsu Onsen - Gunma
by mfedley
Kusatsu onsen in Gunma Prefecture is widely known as one of the best places in the Kanto region for high quality hot springs... read all
2015/6/21 - Dewa Sanzan - Yamagata
by mfedley
Dewa Sanzan consists of three shrines found at the top of three different mountains (Haguro-san, Gas-san & Yudono-san)... read all
2015/3/14 - Debut of the new bullet train in Kanazawa
by Claire2015
The new Hokuriku Shinkansen debuted on March 13, 2015 amid fanfare befitting this train-crazy nation... read all
2015/4/12 - Short cycle on Shimanami Kaido, exploring Innoshima island.
by Horadrimus
My last day in Japan began with weather ideal for bike ride... read all
2015/6/20 - Tsuruoka to Dewa Sanzan - Yamagata
by mfedley
or today, I hired a car to travel around the general Tsuruoka area which saves a lot of time compared to catching sparse public transport... read all
2015/6/19 - Tsuruoka Town - Yamagata
by mfedley
Tsuruoka is located in the South West of Yamagata prefecture and is known as the main gateway town for the Dewa Sanzan shrines... read all
2015/6/18 - Haruna Jinja - Gunma
by mfedley
When most people visit Gunma, they head straight to the onsens of Kusatsu and Manza... read all
2015/4/6 - City of Hiroshima in half day visit.
by Horadrimus
Main tourist spots in Hiroshima are located close to each other... read all
2015/4/11 - Early spring visit at Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
by Horadrimus
As my stay in Japan was ending on 13th April and Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route would open fully from 16th... read all
2015/6/17 - Japan Trip Intro, JR Pass & Yokohama
by mfedley
My name is Mathew Fedley and I am an international math/science teacher who will be exploring... read all
2015/4/5 - Evening view at bay area from Cosmo Tower
by Horadrimus
Cosmo Tower is Sakishima Island's tallest building,
with observatory that offers spectacular view on Bay Area... read all
2015/4/5 - Energy recovery at Kinosaki Onsen
by Horadrimus
Taking convenient ltd. express "KONOTORI" from Osaka Station,
my target was Kinosaki Onsen... read all
2015/6/15 - Tokyo Festival
by yukiyakonkon17
Visit to a festival in Tokyo. read all
2015/5/28 - Bullet train Kagayaki
by yukiyakonkon17
Riding the Kagayaki. read all
2015/4/4 - Handayama Botanical Garden and side trip to Kurashiki
by Horadrimus
After leaving Korakuen Garden, I had a brief visit at Okayama Castle... read all
2015/4/4 - Osaka Sakuranomiya Park and Okayama Korakuen Garden
by Horadrimus
As shinkasen to Okayama was departing in ~1 hour,
I have decided to walk throught Sakuranomiya Park in spare time... read all
2015/5/30 - Climbing Mount Iwawaki
by jioruji
Mount Iwawaki is an almost 897 high mountain at the border of Osaka and Wakayama prefectures... read all

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