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2015/3/6 - Weeping plum blossoms at Yuki Shrine - Mie Prefecture
by Claire2015
For anyone passing through Mie Prefecture in the next week or so, hop off the train in Tsu (’ΓŽs) and visit Yuki Shrine (Œ‹ι_ŽΠ) for an incredible display of weeping plum blossoms... read all
2015/3/2 - Matsuda sakura matsuri&odawara soga bairin
by haro1210
Today, I went to Matsuda of Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival(sakura matsuri) and Odawara Soga plum grove(soga bairin) by bicycle from home... read all
2015/2/17 - February short tour - Tokyo/Kyoto
by JapanCustomTours
We were running a short Introduction to Japan tour for a couple of English guests (D&H)... read all
2015/1/4 - 2014 Dewa-sanzan
by G Chamomile
read all
2015/1/3 - Kamakura temples and gardens
by Chashitsu
Kamakura was the capital of Japan for 141 years following the defeat of the Taira clan by the Minamoto under Yoritomo until Emperor Go-Diago... read all
2015/1/1 - Takayama Temple Trail
by Chashitsu
The Takayama temple trail is a little off the regular sightseeing track in the Teramachi district of the Higashiyama hills... read all
2014/12/29 - Kurama - Kibune hiking trail
by Chashitsu
The TIC in Kyoto suggests a number of walks around the city, one of which is a hike between the mountain villages of Kurama and Kibune... read all
2014/12/28 - Kyushu in winter
by Joshua Hugh
So, I landed in Tokyo just after two, intending to take the overnight Sunrise Train to Okayama and then a morning train to Kagoshima... read all
2014/12/24 - Road trip from Osaka to Noto Hanto and back again
by PhilipJFry
In order to avoid the potential loneliness the holidays can sometimes bring for a foreigner in Japan I planned a 2-day road trip with my friend to Noto Hanto... read all
2014/12/12 - Koyo 2014 - „Kyoto, Nara, November 23-29
by agspb
read all
2014/12/7 - Kagawa prefecture siteseeing
by kannaduki
This is a view from Shami island where is located near Sakaide in Kagawa pre... read all
2014/11/23 - Autumn Colors in Tokyo
by just a guest
Inspired by local Autumn Colors reports, I spent the beautiful Tokyo weekend hunting for hues of yellow, orange and red... read all
2014/11/22 - Arima Onsen Autumn Report
by gabrielsalmon
Maples in Zuihouji Park... read all
2014/11/19 - A Day on Miyajima Island
by ChenSch
As part of my 2-weeks trip in Japan, I visited Miyajima Island as a day-trip from Hiroshima... read all
2014/11/17 - Chiran Peace Museum
by JapanCustomTours
We were staying in Kagoshima for a few days as there are many things to see and do in this corner of Japan.... read all
2014/11/17 - Japanese garden's autumn leaves (Showa Kinen Park)
by voltasone
It's amazing to see the colourful autumn leaves in Japanese garden... read all
2014/11/15 - Iyashi no Sato
by Shohimi
Nenba area situated on the North West of Saiko settlement of ' Kabuto zukuri style thatched houses.... read all
2014/11/15 - Sakurayama Koen: Fall Colors and Winter-blooming Cherry Blossoms
by scarreddragon
Sakurayama Koen in Onishi area, Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture is known for its "fuyu-zakura", or winter-blooming cherry blossoms... read all
2014/11/15 - Ueno-mura Sky Bridge and Fall Colors
by scarreddragon
Most people, when you say "I went to Ueno this weekend," assume you visited Tokyo. read all
2014/11/10 - A visit to Himeji
by Chashitsu
We took an early Shinkansen to Himeji and walked to the castle, which is about 20 minutes to the north of the station... read all

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