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2016/2/11 - Artsy Naoshima: Tsutsuji-so to Miyanoura Port
by mfedley
Two decades ago, Naoshima along with many of the Seto Islands seemed to be dying a slow death... read all
2016/2/10 - Shikoku Trip Info & Artsy Teshima
by mfedley
My name is Mathew Fedley and I teach Science & Math in Suzhou, China. Apart from teaching/tormenting Grade 7 students in my spare time, I also have a passion for travel... read all
2015/10/28 - Meoto Iwa and Ise Jingu
by Csabba
We arrived to Ise, Futaminoura train station from Nagoya on a beautiful sunny autumn morning. I think it is worth mentioning that if you are... read all
2016/1/8 - Whitewater Rafting on the Yoshino River
by Dylannnnn
I visited The Yoshino River and it is located in Tokushima Prefecture. Yoshino River is the second longest river in Shikoku... read all
2015/11/17 - Fuboukaku of Aone hot spring
by G Chamomile
I had 2 consecutive days off during weekday, So I booked a hot spring inn (Japanese style inn with a hot spring). read all
2015/10/26 - Hikone Castle and Genkyuen Garden with unexpected film shooting
by Csabba
We arrived to Hikone by train on a Monday morning to see the famous Hikone Castle and Genkyuen Garden... read all
2015/11/29 - Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture
by Villagemayor
I had always wanted to witness for myself the reconstruction efforts that have been taken place since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake... read all
2015/9/12 - Day1 Start Tokyo to Oarai (Ibaragi Prefeture)
by hachi901
read all
2015/11/8 - One Day trip to Murakami-city
by G Chamomile
November 8, I went on a day trip to Murakami-city. read all
2015/10/25 - Inuyama
by Csabba
Our next target on this day was Inuyama Castle. After Himeji and Matsumoto this castle was much smaller in size, but still impressive... read all
2015/10/24 - Matsumoto Castle and Daio Wasabi Farm
by Csabba
A nice sunny Saturday, the perfect time to get a glimpse of Matsumoto Castle. We started our way from Matsumoto station on foot... read all
2015/10/22 - Exploring Nagoya Castle and surroundings
by Csabba
This time we arrived to Japan at Chubu Centrair International Airport... read all
2015/11/19 - Shiobara Onsen, Tochigi
by scarreddragon
This past Monday my husband and I took advantage of the nice weather to go on a day trip to Tochigi Prefecture's Shiobara Onsen by car... read all
2015/10/21 - Kaimon-dake, reaching for heaven
by lordzubat
During a previous visit to Japan I went to visit the rural Satsuma pensinsula south of Kagoshima... read all
2015/10/15 - Biking patchwork & panorama roads in Biei, Hokkaido: the Provence of Japan!
by bestregardsfromfar
The black cloud seems to move faster than me, while I puff and sigh trying to get uphill along the patchwork road in Biei on my rental bike... read all
2015/8/13 - Obon
by Mikyla
This year we went back to the family home in Yamagata for Obon. Obon is the holiday every year where the dead ancestors of Japanese families... read all
2015/9/5 - The best view along the Sea of Japan this winter
by Claire2015
>With winter drawing nearer, those visiting Japan this snow season might consider a side trip to see one of the most stunning... read all
2015/8/30 - Southern Kyushu: Miyazaki City
by scarreddragon
My last day was spent in Miyazaki City before heading home on a late afternoon flight... read all
2015/8/30 - Southern Kyushu: Nichinan Coast and Cape Toi
by scarreddragon
After spending the night at Kitago Onsen in the Nichinan Area, we headed to Cape Toi in the morning, the southernmost part of Miyazaki Prefecture... read all
2015/8/30 - Southern Kyushu: Takachiho, Miyazaki
by scarreddragon
After spending the afternoon in Kumamoto visiting the castle, we continued driving east to Takachiho, Miyazaki... read all

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