Shirahama in the peninsula of Bôsô (Chibaken)

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July 15, 2013 - Shirahama in the peninsula of Bôsô (Chibaken)

The Bousou peninsula (bousou hantou) is well known by the japaneses but no so much by foreigners. It has a lot of wonderful place not so far from Tokyo.The problem is probably that there is at least two changing train station to manage in order to go there.

Shirahama in the peninsula is small town but it deserves to visit it one day and one night if you're interested by another Japan.

The visit of one Lighthouse built within the cooperation of France and Japan in 19th century is interesting. There is also a connected small museum.

The "Belles" of Shirahama...


The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Inside the Lighthouse : "this Lighthouse has been light up the 19th January 1870"

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2013/07/15 - Shirahama in the peninsula of Bôsô (Chibaken)

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