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2016/7/20 - Kokura - Fukuoka
by mfedley
After visiting some of the sites located around Fukuoka city - I decided to jump on the Shinkansen for 16 minutes in Hakata and travel to Kokura... read all
2016/7/19 - Dazaifu - Fukuoka
by mfedley
For my third day in NW Kyushu, I decided to visit the shrine town of Dazaifu which is located relatively close to Fukuoka city... read all
2016/7/18 - Nokonoshima Island - Fukuoka
by mfedley
For my second full day in Fukuoka City, I decided to visit Nokonoshima Island which is located relatively close to the city centre... read all
2016/7/17 - NW Kyushu Trip Info & Yanagawa
by mfedley
As I visited on a Sunday in summer, there were quite a few people on the train who had also purchased the same ticket as I did... read all
2016/7/13 - The ''Satoyama Experience'' in Hida Area
by SatoyamaExperience
As part of my master degree in International Management - Trade with Asia at Le Havre University... read all
2016/7/13 - Live the Satoyama Experience in Tanekura village
by SatoyamaExperience
Tanekura is a small village nestled in the Japanese Alps. Perfect example of the "satoyama" where man does not encroach on nature but lives in harmony with it... read all
2014/8/30 - From Skytree to Mt. Fuji
by hpmtissera
It was midday when the flight touched down in Narita. I took the train form Narita airport to Asakusa, where we planned to stay.... read all
2016/4/20 - Far from the Madding Kyoto Crowds - Part 2
by Chashitsu
On my last full day in Kyoto I ventured to the Imperial Palace gardens, which were nearby. Just inside the south gate... read all
2016/4/20 - Far from the Madding Kyoto Crowds - Part 1
by Chashitsu
Having visited Kyoto on a number of occasions and seen many of the main temples and gardens I decided to devote a couple of days visiting less popular... read all
2016/6/14 - Tebajima : Time Travel to the Showa Era
by sudachichan
Tebajima is a well known island in Tokushima Prefecture now because of the Mugi Tebajima Art Exhibition... read all
2016/4/27 - Time in Asakusa
by Chashitsu
Having never hitherto stayed in Tokyo, I decided to include it my itinerary, mainly as a transport hub... read all
2016/4/21 - The beauty of Koraku-en
by Chashitsu
Koraku-en garden is one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan... read all
2016/6/12 - Biwako-lake (in Shiga prefecture)
by 777Lisa
read all
2015/12/2 - Kawagoe Day Trip
by Villagemayor
One of the good things about Tokyo is the ability to take part in day trips outside of the city... read all
2016/4/17 - Delights of Hikone
by Chashitsu
I went with a group in 2002 on a coach day to Hikone and saw the gardens and Ryotan-ji temple but not the castle... read all
2016/4/16 - Nara Revisited
by Chashitsu
I visited Nara on my first trip to Japan in 2002 and remembered little other than Todai-ji... read all
2016/4/23 - A Thousand Cranes
by Chashitsu
I have long been touched by the story coming out of Hiroshima after the tragedy of 1945 about the young girl Sadako Sasaki... read all
2016/6/8 - My Trip to Kumano
by 777Lisa
My Trip to Kumano read all
2016/4/25 - Kakunodate
by Chashitsu
Kakunodate I hear you say, where is it? It is a small town, population 14,000 in Akita province, northern Honshu... read all
2016/4/18 - A Day in the Mountains
by Chashitsu
Takao has long held a fascination and is particularly resplendent in autumn. It is a small mountain village together with Toganoo and Makinoo... read all

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