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22 May 2012

travel reports
2014/06/22 - Narita & Sawara - My Last Post!

Three years ago, I moved to Japan for a job having visiting little of my previous host country (Taiwan). As such, I decided to travel Japan as extensively as possible with the time... read all

2014/06/14 - Yahiko - Niigata

Yahiko is located a little over 60 minutes from Niigata via the Echigo and Yahiko line(760 yen) with a change at Yoshida... read all

2014/06/07 - Ajiro Onsen

Ajiro Onsen is located around 80-90 minutes from Tokyo via the Odoriko Express train. This small town is located quite close to Atami on the Izu Peninsula... read all

2014/05/17 - Gifu City

Gifu city is located a little over 2 hours from Tokyo via Shinkansen and JR train from Nagoya. Itfs mainly known for itfs Cormorant fishing... read all

2014/05/17 - Cormorant Fishing - Gifu City

Gifu City is one of the locations in Japan where you can view the 1300 year old tradition of Cormorant fishing... read all

2014/05/11 - Shorin-zan Daruma-ji Temple

Getting to the temple is reasonably easy, albeit there are not as many connections via public transport as I would like... read all

2014/05/10 - Gunma Flower Park

Gunma Flower Park is located near Maebashi in a rural setting close to Mt Akagi... read all

2014/04/27 - Obuse - Cherry Blossom Report

Obuse is a pretty little town around 35 minutes from Nagano Station via the train on the Nagaden line... read all

2014/04/26 - Togakushi & Nagano

Togakushi is around 65 minutes from Nagano station and is known for the 3 Tohakushi Shrines. It costs 1350 Yen to travel by bus to the Upper Shrine... read all

2014/04/13 - Toyokawa & Toyohashi

Today, I visited Toyokawa & Toyohashi which are a little bit off the Western tourist trail. Toyokawa is around 90 minutes from Tokyo via Hikari Shinkansen... read all

2014/04/12 - Futagawa - Cherry Blossom Report

Futagawa is around 6 minutes by train from Toyohashi on the Toyoko Line. It's not well known in Japan, but is quite well known locally for being home to the huge Nonhoi Park... read all

2014/02/09 - Ono - Fukui Prefecture

Ono is a small town located in Fukui prefecture which is located roughly 50 minutes from the prefectural capital... read all

2014/02/08 - Eiheiji & Fukui City

Up in the North West corner of Chubu is the prefecture of Fukui. Apart from being home to a large number of Nuclear Power stations... read all

2014/01/19 - Nokogiri-Yama - Chiba

The Boso peninsula is not too far from Tokyo, but feels a world away as it's not very densely populated... read all

2014/01/03 - Izumo Taisha & Adachi Museum of Art

Izumo Taisha is known as the second most important shrine in Japan after Ise in Mie Prefecture... read all

2014/01/02 - Matsue - Shimane Prefecture

Matsue is around 4 hours by local train from Hagi and is home to one of Japan's largest original castles... read all

2014/01/01 - Hagi - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hagi is around 80 minutes by bus from Shin-Yamaguchi Station (4 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo) and is one of the most enjoyable places I have been in Japan... read all

2013/12/31 - Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi is a little over 4 hours via Shinkansen to Shin-Yamaguchi station, where it is another 23 minutes to Yamaguchi town by local train... read all

2013/12/30 - Akiyoshido Cave - Yamaguchi Prefecture

Akiyoshido Caves is around 40 minutes from Shin-Yamaguchi station by bus and is one of Japan's premier cave systems... read all

2013/12/29 - Miyajima - Hiroshima Prefecture

Miyajima is one of the most visited locations in the Chugoku region and this is for good reason... read all

2013/12/28 - Hiroshima

Hiroshima is roughly 4 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo and is mainly known as the detonation site for the first nuclear explosion on a residential area on earth... read all

2013/12/27 - Onomichi - Hiroshima Prefecture

Onomichi is located around 60 minutes from Kurashiki via local train and is known as a point where you can ride your bike to Shikoku... read all

2013/12/26 - Kurashiki

Kurashiki is located a little under 20 minutes from Okayama via local train. Once you come out of the train station, it feels very similar to many towns... read all

2013/12/25 - Bitsu-Takahashi: Okayama Prefecture

Bitchu-Takahashi is a beautiful little town that can be reached from Kurashiki by train in 25 minutes (1300) on an express train of 40 minutes by local train... read all

2013/12/24 - Kibi Plain - Okayama Prefecture

The Kibi Plain is an area near Okayama which is quite nice to ride a bike for a couple of hours. Bikes can be hired from Bizen Ichinomiya Station for 1000 Yen... read all

2013/12/23 - Inujima Art Park - Okayama Prefecture

Inujima Art Park is located roughly 90-120 minutes from Okayama and requires you to catch a train, bus and ferry... read all

2013/12/22 - Okayama

Okayama is 90KM's, 21 tunnels or 20 minutes from Himeji via the Nozomi (Express) Shinkansen. The town itself is mainly known Korakuen Gardens... read all

2013/12/22 - Himeji Castle & Kokoen Gardens

Himeji is around 180 minutes from Tokyo via the Nozomi (Express) Shinkansen and is often seen as an obligatory stop due to Himeji Castle... read all

2013/12/21 - Shoshazan Engyogi Temple Walk - Himeji

Engyogi Temple has a history of over 1000 years, but is more known as one of the sets from The Last Samurai... read all

2013/12/16 - Tsumago to Magome - Spring & Winter

Both Tsumago and Magome are old postal towns in the Kiso valley that followed the Nakasendo Road between Kyoto and Tokyo... read all

2013/12/08 - Ito - Through The Seasons

Ito is around 2 hours from Tokyo via Odoriko Express train and can be described as being a world away from central Tokyo. As I can easily reach here within 90 minutes from Yokohama, I've visited this small but amazing town almost countless read all

2013/11/26 - Kyoto Autumn Report - Central Kyoto to Higashiyama

As I was staying opposite the Imperial Palace and got back late to my hotel on Saturday night, I decided to complete a smaller walk on Sunday... read all

2013/11/26 - Kyoto Autumn Report - Arashiyama Part 2

Yesterday, I posted the first section of my walk through Arashiyama which is 17 minutes from Kyoto station on the San-In line... read all

2013/11/25 - Kyoto Autumn Report - Arashiyama Part 1

Arashiyama is in the North Western mountains of Kyoto and is well known for it's autumn colours. It's 17 minutes between Kyoto Station and Saga-Arashiyama station on the San-In line... read all

2013/11/24 - Kyoto Autumn Report - Tofukuji & Night Illuminations

After a very busy day visiting Arashiyama earlier in the day, I decided to visit Tofukuji, Choin-in & Shoren-in temple in the late afternoon and evening... read all

2013/11/17 - Showa Kinen Koen

Showa Memorial Park is located a little over 30 minutes by train from Shinjuku station. As the park is so large - there are a number of stations to choose from... read all

2013/11/10 - Kofu City - Autumn Report

Kofu is around 90 minutes from Shinjuku station in Tokyo and is the capital of Yamanashi prefecture. It seems as though this town is off the grid for Western tourists... read all

2013/11/09 - Shosenkyo Gorge - Autumn Report

Shosenkyo Gorge is located around 30-50 minutes by bus from Kofu City (570-870 Yen) and is often labelled as the most beautiful gorge in Japan. After viewing this gorge close to the peak of Autumn leaf season, I now see why... read all

2013/10/26 - Hirosaki - Apples & Temples

Hirosaki is located around 40 minutes from Aomori. As mentioned in my previous post - Hirosaki is known for it's castle and apples... read all

2013/10/25 - Hirosaki Castle Park & Surrounds - Autumn

Hirosaki is located around 40 minutes by train from Aomori. Apart from apples, Hirosaki is known as being a previous castle... read all

2013/10/24 - Oirase Stream - Autumn Report

Oirase Stream is located in Aomori prefecture and is known as one of the most famous Koyo or Autumn color locations in all of Japan. Altogether, you can walk 13.5 KM along the stream from Nenokuchi to Yakeyama... read all

2013/10/23 - Lake Towada & Yasumiya - Autumn Report

Lake Towada is located in Aomori Prefecture and is a little tricky to get to. First, you need to catch a Shinkansen to either Shin-Aomori or Hachinohe and then catch a bus which takes between 120 to 150 minutes... read all

2013/10/22 - Rural Tono - Autumn Report

Tono is located in Iwate Prefecture. You can reach Tono by catching a Shinkansen to Shin-Hanamaki (3hrs 20 mins) and then catch another train to Tono... read all

2013/10/21 - Tono - Shrine Cluster

Tono is one beautiful town - specifically the countryside. As such - I've broken today into two posts. One of country Tono (next post) and the Shrine Cluster shown below... read all

2013/10/20 - Central Tono - Iwate

Tono is found in Iwate prefecture and is known as the folklore capital of Japan. To reach Tono, you need to catch a Shinkansen to Shin-Hanamaki from Tokyo (3 hours). Then - you need to catch another trail to Tono... read all

2013/10/19 - Urabandai - Autumn Report

Urabandai is known in Japan for being one of the better areas to view Koyo (autumn leaves) in the Tohoku Region... read all

2013/10/02 - Kamikochi - Autumn Report

Kamikouchi is a highly beautiful and very popular national park found in Nagano Prefecture. Even though it is a beautiful place to travel to, it is quite annoying to get there... read all

2013/09/29 - Mito - Ibaraki Prefecture

Mito is roughly 70 minutes by express train from Ueno Station in Tokyo. The town is famous for Kairakuen Gardens which is home to 3000 or so Plum/Apricot trees... read all

2013/09/28 - Rural Fukuroda & Ibaraki Flower Park

After living in Japan for over two years, I am now at a stage where I have exhausted most guidebooks along with JG for weekends away from Tokyo... read all

2013/09/14 - Atami - Shizuoka Prefecture

Atami is around 50 minutes from Tokyo via Shinkansen or 2 hours via the Toyoko Line. Apart from being the gateway for the Izu Peninsula, Atami is also known as a heavily developed Onsen resort... read all

2013/08/16 - Noboribetsu - Summer & Autumn

Noboribetsu is around 70-80 by train from Sapporo and has what I see as the best onsen water in all of Japan... read all

2013/08/12 - Mt Asahidake - Daisetsuzan National Park

Mt Asahidate is roughly 90 minutes by bus from Asahikawa (1320 yen one way) or 60 minutes by car. There are 3 buses a day in the summer months... read all

2013/08/11 - Asahiyama Zoo - Asahikawa

Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido is known as being one of the best zoos in the country. It's mainly known for it's arctic animals along with unusual ways to view the animals... read all

2013/08/10 - Sapporo - Summer & Autumn

It's sometimes strange how you end up at a specific destination. For me - I was meant to be in Abashiri but ended up in Sapporo because of a cancelled train yesterday... read all

2013/08/08 - Lake Toya - Hokkaido

Lake Toya is what I would call a normal Ryokan town experience in Hokkaido. Most people stay at a hotel or Ryokan which includes an onsen, kaiseki dinner and there is a nice view... read all

2013/08/07 - Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

The Aomori Nebuta Matsuri is one of three main Tohoku festivals. It occurs between August 2nd - 7th with a large firework display occurring on the last night... read all

2013/08/06 - Osorezan - Shimokita Peninsula

The Shimokita Peninsula is quite remote for Japan. It's roughly 2 hours to Shimokita station from Aomori if the trains connect... read all

2013/08/04 - Akita Kanto Matsuri

Tohoku is famous for three festivals or Matsuri's. Today, I visted the Akita Kanto Matsuri which is located a little over 4 hours from Tokyo via Shinkansen... read all

2013/08/03 - Yumoto Onsen to Chuzenji Lake Walk

Yumoto Onsen is found in the Nikko National Park and can be reached by Tobu bus in around 80 minutes from JR Nikko... read all

2013/07/11 - Kyoto - Daigo-ji Temple

Daigo-ji is roughly 30 minutes from Kyoto station travelleving via the Karasuma Subway (6 minutes) and Tozai Subway Line (24 minutes)... read all

2013/07/10 - Kyoto - Mt Hieizan

Mt Hieizan (aka - Enryakuji Temple) is found in the Northern foothills of Kyoto. You can reach here via bus from Kyoto station - or the easiest way is to catch the the Karasuma Subway line... read all

2013/07/09 - Kyoto - Ohara

Ohara can be found in the Northern mountains and can reaches by either bus directly from Kyoto Station (1 hour) or train to Kokusaikaikan Station and bus to Ohara... read all

2013/07/07 - Kyoto - Koryuji Area

Today, I visited 4 times in the Koryuji area of Kyoto. All of these temples can be described as being a little bit off the beaten track (Koryuji Temple, Hongkongo-ji Temple, Myoshin-ji Temple & Ninnai-ji Temple) along with not always being read all

2013/07/06 - Uji - Summer

Uji is located between Nara and Kyoto and can be reaching via train on the Nara line in between 15-25 minutes. The town itself has quite a few noticeable temples and shrines (including two which are world heritage listed) along with other a read all

2013/07/05 - Hikone

There are four castles in Japan which are considered national treasures - which are found in Matsumoto, Inuyama, Himeji and Hikone... read all

2013/07/04 - Kyoto Station & Surroundings Attractions

Over the next few day's I'll be making some reports from the Kansai region. As I'm based in Kyoto... read all

2013/06/01 - Tokyo Parks & Gardens - Part 2

Today, I visited Kyu Shiba Garden, Hama-Rikyu Garden and Shiba Park near Hamamatsucho Station. All are within a 20 minute walk of the other... read all

2013/05/26 - Tokyo Parks & Gardens - Part 1

Tokyo is famous for it's hustle and bustle, but scratch the surface and there are many different parks and gardens to explore and relax in... read all

2013/05/19 - Ouchijuku (Fukushima)

Ouchijuku is an old postal town around 30 KM from Aizu Wakamatsu. The main way to get there is by catch the train from Aizu Wakamatsu to Yunokami Onsen... read all

2013/05/18 - Aizu Wakamatsu (Fukushima Prefecture)

read all

2013/05/13 - Geibi-kei Gorge & Ichinoseki

Geibi-kei gorge is 35 minutes from Ichinoseki via train. There are some attractions in the area, but it is mainly known for it's 90 minute boat rides which involves floating down a river whilst a man or women steers the boat with a stick... read all

2013/05/11 - A Rainy Hiraizumi

Hiraizumi is a small town in Tohuku that has some big attractions. It takes roughly 140 minutes to reach Ichinoseki, then another 10 minutes on another line to get to Hiraizumi... read all

2013/05/07 - Matsusaka Walk

Like many places in Japan, Matsusaka used to be a castle town. Today, it is mainly known for it's high quality beef and as a transport hub for Mie Prefecture... read all

2013/05/06 - Nara - Horyuji Temple & Koriyama Area

On Sunday, I visited two different areas in Nara. This is the second half day trip that can be taken in the South West... read all

2013/05/05 - South West Nara Temple Trail (Golden Week)

Most people who come to Nara visit Nara park and then leave. Today, I visited the South West part of Nara and will make 2 posts of two different areas... read all

2013/05/04 - Ise Naiku & Geku Shrines (Golden Week)

Golden Week is known for a couple of things - large crowds, long waits and booked out accommodation... read all

2013/04/29 - Western & South Eastern Kamakura Bike Ride

Even though Kamakura is not as large as Kyoto, it still can take a couple of days to visit all of the major sites... read all

2013/04/28 - Yamadera Mountain Temple - Spring

Yamadera (or Mountain Temple in Japanese) is located 20 minutes by Train from Yamagata or 60 minutes by train from Sendai... read all

2013/04/27 - Yamagata Cherry Blossom Report

Yamagata is around 170 minutes from Tokyo via Shinkansen. There are numerous places in the city to view cherry blossoms - but Kajo Park is the main place... read all

2013/04/27 - Yonezawa Cherry Blossom Report

Yonezawa is around 40 minutes from Yamagata via Shinkansen and is mainly famous for it's beef and it's Matsuri that occurs during the first weekend in May... read all

2013/04/20 - Nikko - Gardens & History Walk

Nikko is mainly famous for its temples, but there is plenty to do here apart from visiting the temples... read all

2013/04/20 - Nikko's Main Temples & Shrines

If there is one place near Tokyo that sends shivers down the spine of Japanese tourists during Golden Week - it is the possible crowds before Golden Week at Nikko... read all

2013/04/14 - Meiji Mura Park - Inuyama

The Meiji Era in my opinion is what makes Japan different from all other Asian countries. Japan was the only country in Asia that industrialized... read all

2013/04/13 - Inuyama Town & Castle

Inuyama is around 40 minutes by local train from Nagoya on the Mitetsu line. It is also home to one of four Japanese castles which has been registered as a treasure of Japan... read all

2013/04/05 - Koyasan - Okunoin Temple & Temple Stay

I've been to many places in Japan, but Koyasan seems to be one of my favorite. I'm also not a religious person, but this area does feel spiritual... read all

2013/04/04 - Koyasan Bike Ride: From Daimon to Karukayado

Koyasan is often described as the heart of Buddhism in Japan. On Thursday, I went for a short bike ride that covered most of the major sites... read all

2013/04/03 - Nara Park Cherry Blossom Report

Nara Park is situated around 20 minutes walk from Nara Station or 5 minutes from Kintensu Nara station... read all

2013/04/02 - Kyoto Cherry Blossom Report - Philosophers Trail

The Philosopher's trail area can be quite busy - but has plenty to see and do in the general area... read all

2013/04/02 - Kyoto Cherry Blossom Report - Kiyomuzi & Nanzen-ji

Sakura season in Kyoto can be interesting. One area has the petals starting to fall, while another area just up the road is no-where near it's peak... read all

2013/04/01 - Kyoto Report - Temples, Shrines & Geisha

Well, it's Sakura season and I can promise you that there are big crowds out at the big temples... read all

2013/03/30 - Furukawa - Takayama's Impressive Little Brother

Furukawa is roughly 15-20 minutes north of Takayama by train. Just like Takayama, it is famous for its traditional buildings and carpenters... read all

2013/03/27 - Hakone Day Tour Loop

For many people who have limited time in Tokyo they may complete a day trip to Nikko or spend a night in Hakone... read all

2013/03/26 - Cherry Blossom Report - Odawara Castle

Odawara is a small town near the Izu Peninsula on the Tokaido Shinkansen (40 minutes) or Tokaido line (90 minutes) from central Tokyo... read all

2013/03/23 - Cherry Blossom Report - Yokohama @ Honmoku

Today I visited Sankeien Gardens & Honmoku Sancho Park. Both are located a 5-10 bike ride from where I live which sometimes have me questioning why I try and get away as many weekends as possible... read all

2013/03/16 - Kamakura - North Western Bike Ride

Just like a smaller version of Kyoto - spending one day in Kamakura does not do justice to how much there is to see in this small town... read all

2013/03/11 - Shimoda & Irozaki Coast

Even though Shimoda is only around 150 km's from central Tokyo, the town has a much different feel to many other coastal towns in the general vicinity... read all

2013/03/09 - Minami-Izu Cherry Blossom Festival

This weekend, I made my way down to the Izu Peninsula for the Kawazu & Minami-Izu Cherry Blossom Festivals... read all

2013/03/09 - Kawazu Cherry Blossom Matsuri & Kawazu Falls

Kawazu is located roughly 20 minutes by train from Shimoda and is mainly known for it's Sakura Matsuri along with the Kawazu falls... read all

2013/03/08 - Kamakura - Hase Area Walk

This weekend, I visited Kamakura on my way to the Izu Peninsula. This individual travel report covers the general area around Hase... read all

2013/03/03 - Kawaguchiko - Fuji Five Lakes

This weekend, I went to Fuji Five Lakes and visited some places both on and a little bit off the tourist trail... read all

2013/02/24 - Kawasaki - On & Off The Beaten Track

For today, I visited the Kawasaki Daishi temple, Daishi-koken Chinese Garden, Nihon Minkaen Open Air Museum & the Kawasaki Forest Park... read all

2013/02/17 - Yamagata - An Unexpected Day Trip

On Sunday, I was on my way back to Tokyo when I noticed that the city I was staying at had some attractions within walking distance of the train station... read all

2013/02/16 - Half of Yamadera & Zao Snow Monsters

On the same day as Sean, I went to Yamadera & Zao Onsen. Both can be easily covered in the same day dependent on weather conditions... read all

2013/02/15 - Sendai - Winter

On a wet winter afternoon, I decided to just on the Sendai Loople bus and visited the following... read all

2013/02/14 - Matsushima - Winter

Matsushima is roughly 30 minutes by train from Sendai. It's famous for it's 200 or so islets along with temples... read all

2013/02/09 - Yamanouchi Snow Monkeys & Nagano Zenkoji Temple

When I remember looking in travel brouchures of Japan before moving here a couple of years ago, it always used to include the Snow Monkeys of Yamanouchi... read all

2013/02/06 - Shizuoka - Temples & Plum Blossoms

Shizuoka is roughly 90 minutes via Shinkansen from Tokyo heading towards Nagoya. The picture above entrance to the Kunozan Toshugu Shrine... read all

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Asahiyama Zoo (Asahikawa)
Asahidake Onsen (Daisetsuzan)
Hoto Noodles (Fuji Five Lakes)
Kubota Museum (Fuji Five Lakes)
Sengen Shrine (Fuji Five Lakes)
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Takumikan Museum (Furukawa)
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Inuyama Castle (Inuyama)
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Ise Shrines (Ise Shima)
Irozaki Coast (Izu Peninsula)
Kawazu Cherry Festival (Izu Peninsula)
MOA Museum of Art (Izu Peninsula)
Shimoda Park (Izu Peninsula)
Shuzenji (Izu Peninsula)
Engakuji Temple (Kamakura)
Hasedera Temple (Kamakura)
Hiking Trails (Kamakura)
Kenchoji Temple (Kamakura)
Kitain Temple (Kawagoe)
Magome (Kiso Valley)
Nakasendo Hiking (Kiso Valley)
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Okunoin Temple (Koyasan)
Temple Lodging (Koyasan)
Canal Area (Kurashiki)
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Daikakuji Temple (Kyoto)
Eikando Temple (Kyoto)
Gion (Kyoto)
Hieizan (Kyoto)
Higashiyama (Kyoto)
Kinkakuji (Kyoto)
Kodaiji Temple (Kyoto)
Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto)
Myoshinji Temple (Kyoto)
Nanzenji Temple (Kyoto)
Nijo Castle (Kyoto)
Ninnaji Temple (Kyoto)
Ohara (Kyoto)
Sanjusangendo (Kyoto)
Sanzenin Temple (Kyoto)
Tenryuji Temple (Kyoto)
Tofukuji Temple (Kyoto)
Izumo Taisha (Matsue)
Matsue Castle (Matsue)
Entsuin Temple (Matsushima)
Daisho-in Temple (Miyajima)
Itsukushima Shrine (Miyajima)
Mount Misen (Miyajima)
Ninpo Museum (Nagano)
Togakushi Shrine (Nagano)
Zenkoji Temple (Nagano)
Kasuga Taisha (Nara)
Todaiji Temple (Nara)
Toshodaiji Temple (Nara)
Sawara Town (Narita)
Lake Chuzenji (Nikko)
Senjogahara Marsh (Nikko)
Taiyuinbyo (Nikko)
Toshogu Shrine (Nikko)
Hot Springs (Noboribetsu)
Jigokudani (Noboribetsu)
Old Town (Obuse)
Kibi Plain (Okayama)
Korakuen Garden (Okayama)
Okayama Castle (Okayama)
Sapporo Beer Museum (Sapporo)
Rinnoji Temple (Sendai)
Zuihoden Mausoleum (Sendai)
Osorezan (Shimokita Peninsula)
Ogimachi Village (Shirakawago)
Kunozan Toshogu (Shizuoka)
Sumpu Castle (Shizuoka)
Raikyuji Temple (Takahashi)
Hida Folk Village (Takayama)
Higashiyama Walk (Takayama)
Old Town (Takayama)
Takayama Jinya (Takayama)
Hama Rikyu (Tokyo)
Kyu Shiba Rikyu (Tokyo)
Sensoji Temple (Tokyo)
Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo)
Byodoin Temple (Uji)
Mimurotoji Temple (Uji)
Joeiji Temple (Yamaguchi)
Zao Ski Resort (Zao)
Fukushima Museum (Aizu)
Oyakuen Garden (Aizu)
Suehiro Sake Brewery (Aizu)
Iyashi no Sato (Fuji Five Lakes)
Lake Kawaguchiko (Fuji Five Lakes)
Mt. Tenjo Ropeway (Fuji Five Lakes)
Shoin Shrine (Hagi)
Morning Market (Hakodate)
Detached Palace (Hakone)
Gora Park (Hakone)
Hakone Checkpoint (Hakone)
Hakone Shrine (Hakone)
Hakone Tozan Railway (Hakone)
Owakudani (Hakone)
Motsuji Temple (Hiraizumi)
Takadachi Gikeido (Hiraizumi)
Fujita Garden (Hirosaki)
Neputa Mura (Hirosaki)
Hiroshima Castle (Hiroshima)
Hiroshima Downtown (Hiroshima)
Oharaimachi (Ise Shima)
Kawazu Nanadaru (Izu Peninsula)
Shirahama Beach (Izu Peninsula)
Hachimangu Shrine (Kamakura)
Jochiji Temple (Kamakura)
Jufukuji Temple (Kamakura)
Meigetsuin Temple (Kamakura)
Myohonji Temple (Kamakura)
Tokeiji Temple (Kamakura)
Zeniarai Benten (Kamakura)
Zuisenji Temple (Kamakura)
21st Century Museum (Kanazawa)
Chaya Districts (Kanazawa)
Kanazawa Castle (Kanazawa)
Kenrokuen (Kanazawa)
Seisonkaku Villa (Kanazawa)
Honmaru Goten (Kawagoe)
Warehouse District (Kawagoe)
Kawasaki Daishi (Kawasaki)
Nihon Minkaen (Kawasaki)
Kongobuji Temple (Koyasan)
Tokugawa Mausoleum (Koyasan)
Ohashi House (Kurashiki)
Chionin Temple (Kyoto)
Daitokuji Temple (Kyoto)
Fushimi Inari Shrine (Kyoto)
Ginkakuji (Kyoto)
Heian Shrine (Kyoto)
Honganji Temples (Kyoto)
Kiyomizudera (Kyoto)
Kyoto Station (Kyoto)
Maruyama Park (Kyoto)
Philosopher's Path (Kyoto)
Shorenin Temple (Kyoto)
Toji Temple (Kyoto)
Yasaka Shrine (Kyoto)
Adachi Museum of Art (Matsue)
Hearn Residence (Matsue)
Samurai District (Matsue)
Fukuura Island (Matsushima)
Godaido (Matsushima)
Matsushima Bay (Matsushima)
Zuiganji Temple (Matsushima)
Senjokaku (Miyajima)
Olympic Facilities (Nagano)
Nagoya Castle (Nagoya)
Heijo Palace (Nara)
Kofukuji Temple (Nara)
Nara Park (Nara)
Yakushiji Temple (Nara)
Aeon Narita (Narita)
Naritasan Temple (Narita)
Botanical Garden (Nikko)
Futarasan Shrine (Nikko)
Kegon Waterfall (Nikko)
Rinnoji Temple (Nikko)
Tamozawa Villa (Nikko)
Yumoto Onsen (Nikko)
Hokusai Museum (Obuse)
Historic Village (Sapporo)
Mount Moiwa (Sapporo)
Odori Park (Sapporo)
Osaki Hachimangu (Sendai)
Takahashi Old Town (Takahashi)
Morning Markets (Takayama)
Akihabara (Tokyo)
Ginza (Tokyo)
Harajuku (Tokyo)
Institute for Nature (Tokyo)
Meiji Shrine (Tokyo)
Shibuya (Tokyo)
Shinjuku (Tokyo)
Tokyo Tower (Tokyo)
Ueno Park (Tokyo)
Yasukuni Shrine (Tokyo)
Yoyogi Park (Tokyo)
Zojoji Temple (Tokyo)
Toyako Onsen (Toyako)
Koshoji Temple (Uji)
Uji River (Uji)
Ujigami Shrine (Uji)
Rurikoji Temple (Yamaguchi)
Yamaguchi Daijingu (Yamaguchi)
Chinatown (Yokohama)
Cup Noodles Museum (Yokohama)
Minato Mirai (Yokohama)
Yamate and Motomachi (Yokohama)
Iimoriyama (Aizu)
Samurai District (Hirosaki)
Great Buddha (Kamakura)
Ryoanji Temple (Kyoto)
Aoba Castle (Sendai)

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