Autumn leaves at Nagatoro

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November 18, 2012 - Autumn leaves at Nagatoro

Hi everybody

Last sunday we went to Nagatoro, well known for canoeing. Also group tours are available. Besides that it is also a nice place for autumn leaves watching.
Along the River there is a 20 minutes Maple walk which ends at the rocks of the river and shows a scenic view.

Colors range from green to red, now seems to be a good time to go.

In the evening the park next to the museum is illuminated from 17:00 hours, showing very intense colors. On sunday there was also a concert from 18:00 hours.
As it gets cold in the evening there is a fireplace and hot drinks are served.

Nagatoro can be reached from Ikebukuro by Tobu-Tojo Line in about 2 hours. It's possible to go by car.

It's a really nice place, please enjoy

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