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2015/4/3 - Two sides of newly opened Himeji Castle
by Horadrimus
During my travel to Japan from 1st to 13th April 2015 my luck for weather was very bad sadly, with ~9/13 days cloudy and often rainy too... read all
2015/3/22 - Beppu
by jioruji
The reputation of Beppu precedes it. I knew that many consider this place as a tourist circus, so I didnft expect too much... read all
2015/3/21 - Kunisaki Peninsula
by jioruji
I wanted to make a tour of Kyushu instead of just going back and forth, so I had some time to visit the Kunisaki Peninsula... read all
2015/3/20 - Takachiho
by jioruji
Arriving the evening before by bus in Takachiho,, I arrived just in time to witness the Takachiho Yokagura in the Takachiho shrine... read all
2015/3/19 - Kumamoto
by jioruji
Having visited Kyushu only during business trips, I planned a first tourist trip in the beginning of this year. First? read all
2014/11/1 - Aizu-Wakamatsu
by jioruji
Travelling between Niigata and Aizu-Wakamatsu with the JR Ban-etsu line is a nice experience... read all
2014/10/30 - Kurobe Gorge
by jioruji
Just when you think youfve seen the most interesting things of a place, it hits you in the face with another one... read all
2014/10/31 - Sadogashima
by jioruji
I wanted to visit this place somewhere in 2013 for one reason: to fly in an ultra small airplane... read all
2015/5/23 - Mandala Temple Aichi/konan
by mosasabi
his temple was built in 1329.
Between the Wisteria festival to be held in April every year it is the crowded with a large number of visitors... read all
2014/4/18 - Azaleas and peonies in Tokyo
by PBY
read all
2015/3/6 - Weeping plum blossoms at Yuki Shrine - Mie Prefecture
by Claire2015
For anyone passing through Mie Prefecture in the next week or so, hop off the train in Tsu (Îs) and visit Yuki Shrine (_) for an incredible display of weeping plum blossoms... read all
2015/3/2 - Matsuda sakura matsuri&odawara soga bairin
by haro1210
Today, I went to Matsuda of Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival(sakura matsuri) and Odawara Soga plum grove(soga bairin) by bicycle from home... read all
2014/4/15 - Haradani-en, Nishijin Textile Center and Fushimi Inari Taisha
by PBY
Haradani-en is a private garden in Kyoto, apparently only open during the blossom season in spring... read all
2015/2/17 - February short tour - Tokyo/Kyoto
by JapanCustomTours
We were running a short Introduction to Japan tour for a couple of English guests (D&H)... read all
2014/9/3 - Chureito Pagoda in Summer
by natpriddle
After many hours of internet searching I finally found the location of the iconic pagoda and Mount Fuji picture that seems to be everywhere (thanks to Japan Guide)... read all
2014/4/5 - Takehara and Kure
by PBY
When I choose to visit Onomichi, I wanted to visit also the nearby Takehara city after watching the anime Tamayura... read all
2014/8/9 - Kanagawa prefecture, Enoshima
Do you know Enoshima in Kanagawa prefecture. I went to there in last summer... read all
2014/8/20 - Neighbourhood-3
by heimmy
In the summer of 2014, I started mountain climbing and climbed neighbourhood mountains many times... read all
2014/4/7 - Chiba Pref.
by heimmy
I traveled around the Boso Peninsula on my motorbike... read all
2013/7/6 - Shimizu City, Shizuoka Pref.
by heimmy
I visited Shimizu city where is said to be the location of Captain Tsubasa... read all

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