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2015/7/19 - Accommodation in Japan - Last Post
by mfedley
If there is one thing Japan has in abundance - it's different types of accommodation. There are minshuku's, ryokan's, business hotels, love hotels, normal hotels, shukubo's and even pensions just to name a few... read all
2015/7/19 - Food in Japan
by mfedley
For most people who have travelled Japan, they know that the food can be amazing if you know where to look... read all
2015/7/15 - Hongu Taisha - Wakayama
by mfedley
For my last full day of touring in Japan before I made my way back to Narita, I decided to drive 60 minutes from Shingu to the last of the three main Kumuno shrines... read all
2015/7/14 - Shingu & Ogi Matsuri - Wakayama
by mfedley
For today I travelled a whole 15 minutes by train from Kii-Katsuura to my next location of Shingu which is mainly known for the Hayatama Taishia Grand Shrine... read all
2015/7/13 - Nachi Taisha & Kii-Katsuura - Wakayama
by mfedley
For today, I continued my trip along the Kunamo Kodo in Wakayama prefecture by visiting Nachi Taisha which is one of the three main shrines along the Kumano pilgrimage route... read all
2015/7/20 - From Atami
by RilaKumaLover
I went to Atami with my friends.
I'm glad to take hot springs... read all
2015/7/12 - Kii-Tanabe & Kumano Kodo - Wakayama
by mfedley
After spending two nights in Wakayama city I made the 70 minute train journey to the gateway of the Kumano Kodo... read all
2015/7/10 - Wacky Wakayama City - Wakayama
by mfedley
Wakayama is a sprawling city which is only 1 hour from Shin-Osaka station by aptly hourly express trains... read all
2015/7/8 - Tottori City - Tottori Prefecture
by mfedley
Tottori city is easily over 6 hours from Tokyo via express train and Shinkansen and life is much slower here than the major cities in Kanto and Kansai... read all
2015/7/6 - Izushi - Hyogo
by mfedley
When I was in Kinosaki Onsen, I went on a small half day trip to the old castle town of Izushi... read all
2015/7/5 - Kinosaki Onsen - Hyogo
by mfedley
After spending a night at Yamanaka Onsen, I'm making my way down to Kinosaki Onsen in Hyogo Prefecture... read all
2015/7/4 - Yamanaka Onsen - Ishikawa
by mfedley
For today, I visited Yamanaka Onsen which is one of the four onsen towns based around Kaga Station... read all
2015/7/13 - Event: Eco Edo Nihonbashi Art Aquarium
by scarreddragon
Do you like goldfish? How about goldfish lit by neon lights in interesting aquariums? The Art Aquarium is a annual, multi-city event from the mind of Hidetomo Kimura... read all
2015/5/1 - Kanna-machi Koi-no-Bori Festival
by scarreddragon
In the small town of Kanna up in the mountains of Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture is an annual koi-no-bori matsuri... read all
2015/5/1 - Wisteria Festival in Fujioka
by scarreddragon
Gunma Prefecture Fujioka City's annual "Fuji Matsuri", or Wisteria Festival. It is usually held from the end of April to the beginning of May... read all
2015/7/3 - Wajima to Wakura - Ishikawa
by mfedley
After driving around the east coast of the Noto Peninsula yesterday, I decided to check out what Wajima had to offer along with travelling down to Wakura Onsen... read all
2015/7/2 - Eastern Noto Peninsula Drive - Ishikawa
by mfedley
Well after a drizzly day, I was happy to see that the weather had improved... read all
2015/7/1 - Kanazawa to Wajima - Ishikawa
by mfedley
For my travels today, I first took the Shinkansen from Itoigawa to Kanazawa (little under an hour) and then drove from Kanazawa to the sleepy fishing village of Wajima... read all
2015/6/30 - Itoigawa Salt Road - Niigata
by mfedley
Yesterday I travelled along the ocean to see what Itoigawa had to offer and today I headed inland along the old Salt Road to Matsumoto... read all
2015/6/29 - Coastal Itoigawa - Niigata
by mfedley
Itoigawa is located in the Southern tip of Niigata prefecture and can be reached by the new Hokuriku Shinkansen in around 2 hours... read all

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