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2016/2/13 - Amekkoichi in Akita, Odate city.
by CocoGrace
This traditional festival has been continued since 1588... read all
2016/5/20 - Shinto Waterfall Training
by Treborcd
In April my girlfriend and I went to the small town atop Mt Mitake about 75 minutes west of Tokyo to take part in a Shinto Waterfall/Cold Water Training event... read all
2016/5/17 - The pretty town of Nara
by 777Lisa
read all
2015/11/28 - Yamadera
by Villagemayor
Located about a 40 minute train ride on the JR Senzen Line from Sendai, Tohoku Region's largest city... read all
2015/11/23 - The Architecture of the Yoyogi National Gymnasium
by Villagemayor
Japan may not be well known internationally for its modern architecture the way other countries have... read all
2016/5/5 - Himi - hidden pearl in Toyama pref
by girlwithpearl
I would like to share my very positive emotions got from a daytrip to Himi town, Toyama pref... read all
2015/9/7 - Yokohama-night walking
by Masakaz
I went to Yokohama in night time... read all
2016/1/11 - Maihama Cycling Mini Trip
by Masakaz
I went to Maihama by bike... read all
2015/11/29 - Pokemon Train on the JR Ofunato Line
by Villagemayor
Previous I had posted a travel report on my day trip to the Tohoku coastline to tour the reconstruction efforts from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake... read all
2016/4/24 - Mitsuhiko Imamori Paper Cut Works Exhibit in Takasaki
by scarreddragon
Every day I work in Takasaki, I pass by the Takasaki Museum of Art and think... read all
2016/4/7 - Iriomotejima ( The island which is called the Galapagos of the East)
by nozomi aa cc ss
read all
2015/7/24 - Aso&Kikuchi Keikoku in Kumamoto
by nozomi aa cc ss
read all
2014/9/25 - Jigoku Meguri in Oita
by nozomi aa cc ss
read all
2015/4/29 - Hiking@Nokonoshima, Fukuoka
by nozomi aa cc ss
read all
2014/8/13 - Stone Buddha Statues (National Treasure) @ Usuki, Oita
by nozomi aa cc ss
read all
2015/11/25 - Made my own Ramen @ Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka
by nozomi aa cc ss
read all
2016/3/24 - Tokushima Trip
by japan travel magazine
Japan's Best kept secrets. We're going to Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku... read all
2016/3/15 - Go-Karting through the heart of Tokyo
by Treborcd
After seeing go-karts driving around the city with people dressed up for months my friends and I finally did it... read all
2016/3/2 - Shikoku Highlights
by mfedley
For my last post of this series, I've decided to put together my personal Best of Shikoku List... read all
2016/3/11 - Wazuka: a charming tea town in Kyoto prefecture
by bugegia
Just a short way out of Kyoto, yet very off the Kansai beaten track lies a tiny tea paradise town: Wazuka... read all

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