Fuji Five lake - Autumn colors trip!

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November 10, 2012 - Fuji Five lake - Autumn colors trip!

Hi Guys,

I planned for Fuji five lakes and around with friends renting a car. I should say it was a memorable trip. The day was very bright with zero clouds. It was a pretty sunny and warm weather.

We started our journey with Yamanakako Lake and parks near by. Half our day we spend there only looking at amazing colors around the park and lake. This is one place that should not be missed. Then we started from Yamanakako and left to kawaguchiko lake. The traffic was heavy. A normal journey would just take 25 min but our journey took 3 hours. We wasted most our time in travel only. Anyway after all those struggle we finally reached Kawaguchiko lake around late afternoon and we had around 2.5 hours of day light to spend and enjoy with. We went around the lake and the colors near the lake was breath taking. Mt.Fuji view from the lake was highlight of the lake. It was my second time to Fuji-Five lakes hence I knew some better location for photos.

I would add some of my photos taken at lakes and around. Enjoy :)

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