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2017/2/4 - Nichinan Coast - Miyazaki
by mfedley
For my third full day in Miyazaki, I made my way down south along the Nichinan Coast... read all
2017/2/3 - Gardens & Museums of Miyazaki City
by mfedley
After an early breakfast in Takachiho, I decided to drive the 130 km to Miyazaki City to see what this laid back city has to offer... read all
2017/2/2 - Shrines of Takachiko - Miyazaki
by mfedley
For my first day in Miyazaki, I decided to visit Takachiho which is known for a famous story where the sun goddess hid in a cave... read all
2017/2/1 - Usuki City - Oita
by mfedley
For my last day in Oita, I visited the main sites in Usuki City along with a few sites a little outside of the city centre... read all
2017/1/31 - Hita & Surrounds - Oita
by mfedley
As I had a free day today, I decided to take a drive to Hita which is located roughly 50 km's from Yufuin... read all
2017/1/31 - Yufuin Onsen - Oita
by mfedley
After visiting Beppu in the morning, I made my way to Yufuin which is known for both it's onsens and spectacular scenery... read all
2017/1/30 - Hells of Beppu
by mfedley
As Beppu Town is not as picturesque as many other onsen towns due to sheer over development, I decided to focus on the main reason why the onsen water is in this town... read all
2017/1/30 - Oita City - Oita
by mfedley
For my second post today, I quickly visited the main sites that the capital of Oita Prefecture had to offer... read all
2017/1/29 - Kitsuki Castle Town - Oita
by mfedley
Kitsuki Castle Town is a large and high quality traditional town which is roughly 30 kilometers from Oita City... read all
2017/1/28 - Miyama - Kabuki-no-Sato -
by jioruji
Miyama is famed for Kayabuki-no-Sato, a small village where several farmhouses with thatched roofs are located... read all
2017/1/28 - Hiji Castle Town - Oita
by mfedley
Hiji is located around a 15 minute drive from Beppu and is known as the little brother to the more impressive and larger Kitsuki... read all
2017/1/28 - Templing in Kunisaki Hanto
by mfedley
After a good soak in an onsen at the aptly named Yamaga Onsen, I decided to spend my second full day in Oita... read all
2017/1/30 - Temples Hidden in The Amazing Nature [Shikoku Pilgrimage]
To be honest, I have never thought I would ever go on the pilgrimage. I was born and raised in Ehime... read all
2017/1/27 - Nakatsu to Yamaga Onsen
by mfedley
For the second half of my first day, I continued to drive East towards the base of the Kunisaki Peninsula... read all
2017/1/27 - Eastern Kyushu Trip Info & Nakatsu
by mfedley
Over 12 nights in chilly January and February 2017, I will be driving through Oita, Miyazaki and Fukuoka prefectures to see what these slightly less visited locations have to offer... read all
2016/11/25 - Karuizawa Station
by us2gethersu
Karuizawa Station Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan... read all
2016/11/24 - Echigo-Yuzawa Station and Shiozawa Station
by us2gethersu
the attractions around Echigo-Yuzawa Station... read all
2016/11/26 - Yatsubuchi-no-Taki
by jioruji
According to the Lonely Planet Hiking in Japan guidebook (2001 version), the Yatsubuchi-no-taki hike is... read all
2016/11/19 - Menfudo Limestone Cave
by jioruji
Menfudo Limestone Cave is located in Tenkawa Village, a very small town at the foot of the more famous Mount Omine。。。 read all
2016/7/31 - Wagashi in Kyoto
by jioruji
There is a lot to see in Kyoto. Impressive temples and shrines dot the city and the suburbs are surrounded by beautiful nature... read all

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