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The following is a suggested itinerary for first time travelers to Japan who spend 6 days, 5 nights in Japan, and arrive/depart from Tokyo's Narita Airport. (Click here if you use Kansai Airport). For this itinerary, we suggest that you purchase a 7-day Japan Rail Pass.

Day 1 - Arrive at Narita Airport

Arrive at Narita Airport and spend the rest of the day in Tokyo.

Day 2 - Tokyo

Spend a full day in Tokyo. Consider one of our suggested Tokyo itineraries.

Day 3 - Tokyo to Kyoto

In the morning, travel by shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto (3 hours). Spend the afternoon and evening exploring Kyoto.

Day 4 - Kyoto

Spend a full day in Kyoto. Consider one of our suggested Kyoto itineraries.

Day 5 - Kyoto to Tokyo

Spend another morning in Kyoto, then return to Tokyo by shinkansen (3 hours) and spend the evening there.

Day 6 - Depart from Narita Airport

Depart Japan from Narita Airport.

For the above itinerary, we suggest to purchase a 7-day Japan Rail Pass which will cover all of your long distance train transport. Below are some sample budgets for the itinerary, excluding the cost of airfare. Click here for more details on the sample budgets.

Single Traveler
Two Travelers
Low Budget
44,500 - 68,000 yen
89,000 - 121,000 yen
Medium Budget
68,000 - 107,500 yen
121,000 - 190,000 yen
High Budget
over 107,500 yen
over 190,000 yen

Click here for the current yen exchange rates.

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