US -Japan electrical plug converters

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US -Japan electrical plug converters 2013/3/8 02:49
Traveling to Japan from US this Tuesday seeking advice as to what, where and how to purchase the correct type of electrical converter plugs for laptop, cell phone and hair dryer. Any advice is appreciated!!
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Re: US -Japan electrical plug converters 2013/3/8 10:42
Japan and the US use the same 2 prong plug so no converter is necessary for most devices as long as they can operate on 100v and do not use a 3-prong grounded plug. Check the device to see the input voltage to be sure (almost all laptop and cellphone chargers should be ok). It is not recommended to bring a hair dryer unless it is a travel model as it likely will not be as hot or powerful as when used in the US, and virtually all accommodations provide them.
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