LTE emobile pocket wifi GL04

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LTE emobile pocket wifi GL04 2013/4/7 18:48
can i use my emobile pocket wifi GL04 in the US or any country using there network provider? is it possible?
by blot  

Re: LTE emobile pocket wifi GL04 2013/4/7 23:14
It probably has to be unlocked, and the site I use doesn't list any of the e-mobile GL0x modems yet.

You need LTE in your area to get the max speed, and it sure isn't available where I live yet.

You might be better off just getting an unlocked pocket wifi modem in your own country. Something like the ZTE MF60.

You can rent a GLO4 in Japan to see if you like it, though you might have to settle for a GL02.

You can buy the e-mobie version from, if you know a place that can unlock it for you later.

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Re: LTE emobile pocket wifi GL04 2013/4/8 12:51
is it possible? can i use it in any country and can it be use if i used different network provider or change the sim? IS IT POSSIBLE?
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