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Tourist Map of Otaru 2013/8/9 04:19
Hi everyone, I am planning on visiting Otaru come November, and while doing research online about the area I came across this lovely tourist map that seems to be hand drawn. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out where I can buy/get one. Can anyone tell me where I can get the map?

This is the map:

Thank you so much

by Christyne Lim (guest)  

Re: Tourist Map of Otaru 2013/8/9 10:41
Did you want that specific map or any English tourist map for Otaru? If it's the latter the you could try this
Chances are, the map is only a paper one. I think your best bet might be visiting here when you arrive
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Re: Tourist Map of Otaru 2013/8/10 04:11
Hi, yes I would like that specific map. Thanks for your link! I will go to that tourist information centre and see if I can find one.
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Re: Tourist Map of Otaru 2013/8/19 21:39
Enjoy the seafood. And the brewery is also a cool place.
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Re: Tourist Map of Otaru 2013/8/20 14:07
You can get that map for free at JR Otaru Station.
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