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Require high-speed internet for pc-gaming 2017/3/15 05:22
I need reliable internet connection as I will be playing a gaming competition online. I will be in Osaka during this period. Is everywhere in Japan using fibre internet connection? I read hotels gives you a wired connection which is more stable but I am not too sure on the connection quality. Other alternatives would be to book an airbnb with a wired fibre connection.

There are two options that i am looking at.

#1. Obtain internet connection that is stable and fast enough and bring along my laptop.

#2 Head to a game centre / internet cafe with high end computers.

I am leaning more towards #1 as there is more flexibility in the planning of my trip.
by Zeys  

Re: Require high-speed internet for pc-gaming 2017/3/16 04:50
Fiber is everywhere, at least in the major cities, but WiMax is pretty popular too... The latter is plenty fast but probably poor in terms of latency. I would be concerned that a hotel might be splitting a connection among a large number of guests without the networking hardware and backend to maintain a good connection for everyone at all times. I guess it depends on just what level of performance you require, but the surest bet would be if you can convince an Airbnb host to visit a speed test site.
by gfoulk rate this post as useful

Re: Require high-speed internet for pc-gaming 2017/3/16 07:29
Are there any rental routers or wifis with stable latency for games?
by Zeys rate this post as useful

Re: Require high-speed internet for pc-gaming 2017/3/16 07:56
The problem with wireless is all the variables involved; signal strength, interference, etc, things that are dependent on your location and environment. They might work fine for you in some places, maybe most places, depending on your requirements. I assumed you would want very low latency which would be hard to ensure with wireless, but maybe what you're playing isn't that dependent on it.
by gfoulk rate this post as useful

Re: Require high-speed internet for pc-gaming 2017/3/16 17:03
Really appreciate your advice thus far. Do you happen to know any high end specification gaming cafes located in Osaka?
by Zeys rate this post as useful

Re: Require high-speed internet for pc-gaming 2017/3/16 21:44
Sorry, I don't know of any (which isn't to say there aren't any, I'm just not familiar with that scene.)
by gfoulk rate this post as useful

Re: Require high-speed internet for pc-gaming 2017/3/19 08:34
I'm sorry to hear that your Google is broken. I just did a Google search on "internet game cafe Osaka" and got 800,000 hits.
by Susan (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Require high-speed internet for pc-gaming 2017/3/19 20:06
Fiber does tend to be available in most places, but most rental accommodations don't use fiber, they use cable internet. Speeds are about 20-30MBPS. Fiber is around 50MBPS. WiMax doesn't have the latency for gaming. Most of the internet cafes are outside of or around stations. They are plenty fast enough to play Legends but really they are sharing a connection and then you get latency issues with more demanding games. What you want is a private residence with cable or fiber.
by PsyGuy rate this post as useful

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