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Kawazu cherry trees location 2017/3/15 06:41
I learned of the Kawazu cherry trees in Shinjuku Gyoen garden. As they bloom early I thought I might check it out once in Tokyo this weekend since I will probably miss the regular cherry blooming going home 11 April.

But are there any other areas in Japan with kawazu cherry?
Mostly thinking of Chubu, Chugoku, Kansai and Kyushu.
by Johnny (guest)  

Re: Kawazu cherry trees location 2017/3/15 11:31
When and where going?

You will be able to see most numbers species
"ソメイヨシノ/Somei-Yoshino" a lot in West Japan late MAR.
(Click "play" button map bottom)
by Abamot (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kawazu cherry trees location 2017/3/15 13:49
Albamot, can you help me with that map? I only speak English. I have one full day in Tokyo on the 28th. Can you let me know which major park will be in full bloom by that time if possible?
by Matthew (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kawazu cherry trees location 2017/3/16 06:02

The other link didnt work for me.

Use the right "play" button until it says 3月28日

Then click the + button to the left and select 関東 (4th row from above)

Then click the + button again and select 東京 (7th row from above)

Central Tokyo should be to the right in the map. Suppose it cannot get any more zoomed in than that...
by Maersk (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kawazu cherry trees location 2017/3/16 06:37
Havn't got the simulator to work on my browser but trying with another computer tomorrow.

But how did you find specific Sakura trees on the page?
by Johnny (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kawazu cherry trees location 2017/3/16 09:19
Are the green trees on the simulator fully blossomed ones?
by Matthew (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kawazu cherry trees location 2017/3/16 15:40
I would guess those are past blossoming though...
by Johnny (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Kawazu cherry trees location 2017/3/16 22:27
@ Maersk
Check again (adobe)FLASH Player's version.
No need latest version but don't know which older version still working.

@ Matthew
But no exact in that day will be full blooming(満開/mankai) or not.
Reload this address on last 27th night.
(today no full blooming spot = 0件/zero)

Simulator Green icon is "leaf(葉桜/hazakura)" = blooming overed.
by Abamot (guest) rate this post as useful

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