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Sim Card availability at night 2017/4/15 19:01
Hi All,

I will be reaching Kansai International Airport T-2 at 10.30pm next week and intend to buy a tourist sim card. Is there any store that offers sim at night?
by Mick1508  

Re: Sim Card availability at night 2017/4/16 11:58
There is a vending machine for NTT SIMs, I would expect it to opera 24 hours but the website does not mention it.
by Firas rate this post as useful

Re: Sim Card availability at night 2017/4/16 15:17
The sim card vending machines are available for 24 hours at Internet and telephone section on North and South wings, and also some selected sim cards are available at Family Mart(combini) at Terminal One 2nd and 4th stores, open 24 hours.
by tokyo friend 48 rate this post as useful

Re: Sim Card availability at night 2017/4/16 20:26
Thank you all.
Seems going to T1 from T2 can take time and we are planning to take limousine bus @11.45pm. Better to buy Sim from Osaka station.
by Mick1508 rate this post as useful

Re: Sim Card availability at night 2017/4/16 20:40
in case you are not able to get them for the airport, convenience store, or vending machine, some mid to large size hotel might sell them or get them from those large BIC camera store.
by kms899 rate this post as useful

Re: Sim Card availability at night 2017/4/16 21:50
Thanks! I will check with my hotel about the availability.

Otherwise next morning i will get from BIC.
by Mick1508 rate this post as useful

Re: Sim Card availability at night 2017/4/18 14:40
Hi there,
It will be good option not only Sim card but also pocket WiFi since
it is possible to use Unlimted LTE data with pocket wifi.
(of course it depends on plan of each wifi provider)
Also it is really cheap and useful!
I hope this will be of your help!
And i recommend Pupuru WiFi : )
by JapanRyokou (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Sim Card availability at night 2017/4/19 07:56
thats cool, thank you!
by Mick1508 rate this post as useful

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