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require for certificate of eligibility 2005/6/9 11:26
there is a company there who is my friend and he would like me to work in his company for 5 months. Im just wondering if there's any one who could help me on how to apply the certificate of eligibility as the japan consulate here in hongkong are requiring me to apply first before i can get a visa to japan....
Please help me to answer this question as i do really needed this..

Thanks a lot!
by michelle  

... 2005/6/9 13:41
I'm not a lawyer here, but as far as I know:
I assume your friend who owns? the company and is currently in Japan will have to apply on your behalf (to a Regional Immigration Authority in Japan, probably in the prefecture/area where his company is located in) to apply for a work-permitting visa for you.

Check unde "C. What is a Certificate of Eligibility?" for the procedures. Since your friend (I assume) is in Japan and you are not, the procedure (1) with "Proxy" (your friend) making the application, will probably apply.
by AK rate this post as useful

COE 2006/5/15 17:49
the company has to apply a Cert of Eligibility on your behalf. For requirements for Certificate of eligibility, it varies for every office. There are immigration offices that ask a lot of documents before issuing a COE and there are immigration offices that are very lax =)
by rogie rate this post as useful

cert. of eligibility 2006/12/23 13:33
I just want to know if ever my employer had passed all the necessary documents to the immigration in japan, and accepted by the immigration, is it already as good as for approval? or there would be possibilities to be denied?.. thank you very much...pls answer my question... i still dont know the status of my cert. of E...
by kristinecoronado rate this post as useful

. 2006/12/23 14:35
I just want to know if ever my employer had passed all the necessary documents to the immigration in japan, and accepted by the immigration, is it already as good as for approval?

No, Immigration will need to review all the documents etc, sometimes if something seems off, they will put more scrutiny and maybe ask for more documents to be sent in etc, nothing is ever a sure thing.
by John rate this post as useful

.. 2007/1/2 21:39
thanks john... happy new year
by kristinecoronado rate this post as useful

my COE result after waiting for 3 months 2007/3/3 22:17
yes! you're right John, nothing is ever a sure thing. I didn't get my COE for I was supposed to get a higher toeic score. But am still hoping and trying to get a COE from another region (Sendai). Anyone who knows how long will take to process a COE in Sendai? Please.....
by kristine coronado rate this post as useful

Certificate of eligibility status 2007/7/7 02:11
to anybody who has an idea about this..can i check the status of my certificate of eligibility which was already aplied in japan last month..
by Anthony rate this post as useful

Certificate of eligibility status 2007/7/7 02:26
According to my representative in japan they have told me that my COE was already aplied and they gave me this tracking number XX XX-XXXXX-XXXXX to prove that my CEO was aplied. For more info. i have found a company willing to hire me in japan and I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering with 10 years relative experience and i have my relative as my sponsor in japan. just want to know how long my CEO to be realease and could i check the status online?. thank you!
by Anthony rate this post as useful

. 2007/7/7 02:32
I'm not sure if it is a good idea to post any tracking numbers for personal documents online for the public to view, I'm often suprised when that happens.

Either case, as I mentioned before, it can take up to 3 full months for COEs to process. This seems to be the most common amount of time. Sometimes it works out earlier, or later, but 3 months seems to be the standard waiting time.
by John rate this post as useful

Certificate of eligibility status 2007/7/7 02:52
Thanks John ..Im soory but im just so excited maybe to work there thats why i even post that number..
by Anthony rate this post as useful

Certificate of eligibility status 2007/7/8 03:09
TO John thanks for deleting the personal number i posed..
by Anthony rate this post as useful

. 2007/7/8 03:21
To give where credit is due, the webmaster deleted it not me. =)
by John rate this post as useful

To anyone 2007/11/12 02:35
To anyone is there a way for me to inquire the status of my CEO.It was already applied in japan lasy July 2007. Thank you so much
by Anthomy rate this post as useful

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