English-speaking colleges in Japan?

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English-speaking colleges in Japan? 2005/8/31 13:09
I'm currently looking into colleges in Japan... Because I am learning Japanese, and have wanted to go to Japan for as long as I can remember. If anybody knows of any English-speaking colleges in Japan, please tell me! Domo arigatou gozaimasu.
by Wondering Student  

.. 2005/9/2 14:10
Use the search function, its located on the upper left of the screen.
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english speaking schools in japan 2007/8/5 01:19
i agree, please can there be a school for the americans or those that speak english, cause i have a very hard time learning languages!!!!!!!!!!!
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. 2007/8/5 10:01
Try the Sophia University in Tokyo. Many classes are taught in English.
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temple 2007/8/5 19:55
Im doing a summer program at Temple, and they offer year round classes in english
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Colleges 2007/9/15 21:50
Well, I used to live in Japan, and my international school there sent graduates to Tokyo Christian, Sofia, Temple, and ICU (International Christian University-- i think) ICU is based in the United States but they have a campus in Tokyo... anyhow, good luck!
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. 2007/9/16 01:18
TUJ is a US based University with a campus in Tokyo, not ICU.
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sophia 2008/12/2 22:51
sophia has a whole department in english (soPHia not sofia)


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