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postal code 2005/9/2 14:08
Hi...Can someone tell me what is the postal code for XXX Kosuzume-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-zhi, Kanagawa Prefecture 224, Japan.
Would really appreciate it as I need to send out a letter by today. Thanks so much.
by winnie  

... 2005/9/2 17:47
by AK rate this post as useful

Postal code Yokohama 2005/10/16 23:37
I need the postal code for Kamigoka Higashi in Yokohama Thank you for any help you can give me
by John Orton rate this post as useful

Postal code needed 2005/10/17 00:02
in my last message for the postal code perhaps I should have added Konan-Ku then Kamigoka-Higashi in Yokohama. Than you again for your help
by John Orton rate this post as useful

Kamiooka? 2005/10/17 00:25
Kamiooka Higashi, Konan-ku, Yokohama

I could'nt find Kami"g"oka on the Japan Post web-site.
If you are sure it's Kamigoka, 233-0000 is the zip for those not assigned an respective zip in Konan-ku area.
by Hiroh rate this post as useful

postal code 2005/10/17 09:57
thank you so much for your information yes I spelt Kamigoka wrong I shall use this postal code again thank you for your effort
by john rate this post as useful

question 2006/6/5 23:37
I need the postal code for Ashiya Hyogo Japan.
Can someone help me?
by Gina USA rate this post as useful

Postal code 2006/6/6 08:08

There is no one postal code for addresses in Ashiya, but all districts seem to be numbered 659-00XX.
If you know the particular district, you can look up the postal code on the page below (in Japanese)...
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Tokyo 7 digit postal code? 2006/7/22 23:50
I need the 7 digit postal code to send a letter to 5-XX-XX Shiba, Minato Ku, Tokyo, Japan 108 (old postal code). If this is not enough information, can you suggest where I can get it?
by Roger Griffith rate this post as useful

. 2006/7/23 00:23
need the 7 digit postal code to send a letter to 5-XX-XX Shiba, Minato Ku, Tokyo, Japan 108 (old postal code).

It's 108-0014.
by usako rate this post as useful

. 2006/7/23 01:13
by meringue4 rate this post as useful

uh... 2006/8/8 21:26
plss give the posyal code of tokyo and saitama.
by Jonathan rate this post as useful

Postal codes 2006/8/9 07:53

Postal codes for Tokyo are mostly in the 1xx-xxxx range, and those for Saitama are mostly 3xx-xxxx.
You will have to be more specific if you want a more precise answer.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

post code 2006/9/5 18:47
please advise post code for
by sflower rate this post as useful

. 2006/9/6 00:08

It's Miyakojima-ku, not Mikakojima-ku.
by meringue4 rate this post as useful

Old postal code? 2006/9/6 01:25
I recently received a Japanese mailing address but I'm afraid it is using an old postal code.
It is written:
4xx-xx, 1xxx Hatanaka 4xx

I'm unable to identify a 7-digit postal code so am worried my mail will be undeliverable as addressed. My research showed the code for this area is 602-8158 but I wanted to verify that it's correct and learn how to correctly update my given mailing address.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.
by Beth rate this post as useful

New postal code 2006/9/6 07:12

602-8158 is correct.
If you read Japanese, you can find postal codes using the site below.

Provided the address is correct, letters will still be delivered even without the correct postal code.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

okayamaken 2006/10/4 11:32
may i have the postal code for okayamaken wakigun wakicho shimizuaza shinden
by abetan rate this post as useful

Postal code 2006/10/4 12:06

According to the Yubin site I posted above, the postal code is 709-0431.

Incidentally, the correct address is as follows:
Shimizu, Wake-cho, Wake-gun, Okayama-ken 709-0431
Note that 和気 is read as "Wake". Also, you don't normally need to include "aza" in regular addresses. I'm not where the Shinden bit comes in either.

by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Need 7 digit postal code 2006/10/13 22:32
Beam Seiko Instruments, Inc.
Ota ward - Sangaku-renkei-Sisetsu 102
Institution of industry
University Cooperation of Ota ward 102
Kamata, Ota ward, Tokyo 2-10-1 Japan
by Donna rate this post as useful

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