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how to get visa 2007/11/6 18:05
im here in japan right now, actually im a student here for 1 year, my visa will expire on march 16, my mother is also here for about 20 years now, and my step father is a japanese. they were maried for as long as 22 years or more, they want me to get a family visa. is it possible? looking forward to hear from you very soon.
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ask a professional 2007/11/7 02:53
Immigration Bureau of Japan could help you or give you any advice you would need. You can also go there to ask about your visa for staying in Japan with your mother and your step-father. (English)

There are offices that help foreigners (non-Japanese) with visas to stay in Japan as well. They take care of almost everything about your visa and they also could help you.
Here is just one of them:

Visas are very important to stay in a country, and I think you should get any advice from the immigration bureau of Japan or someone who knows about the visas very well like the one above.

Good luck!

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Apply for a Visa to Tokyo for vacation 2007/11/7 08:41

I planned to travel to Tokyo this Christmas.I would like to know how to apply for a Visa to Tokyo.I, myself hava a passport already,but my sister is not a citizen yet (US).So i would like to know how to apply for her. Thank you

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Visa 2007/11/7 08:47

Depending on your nationality, you may not need a visa. Check the details on this website, the Japanese Immigration website, or contact your local Japanese embassy for confirmation.

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... 2007/11/7 09:35
here's a link to the immigration page:

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