English-teaching jobs in Okinawa?

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English-teaching jobs in Okinawa? 2007/12/4 13:07
I'm a Californian and have just arrived in Okinawa to join my wife, who has a full time job here. I have only 2 years of college but would like to teach English. Is there still a viable English-teaching job market here or has it been flooded out by the NOVA disaster? Thanks. You can contact me at conniejose@gmail.com
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dependant visa 2007/12/4 23:47
Is your wife working here on a Japanese work visa or on the US military base? If she has a Japanese work visa, she could apply for a dependant visa for you. This wouldn't give you the right to work immediately. You'd have to apply for special permission to do so at the local immigration office.

Sure, this isn't the best time to be looking for an English teaching job in Japan, but it isn't all that bad. There are noticeably fewer full-time jobs that pay well, but there are still plenty of part-time ones around.

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