What is Shigoki for?

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What is Shigoki for? 2008/2/19 14:06
I have two Shigoki and I know how to use them, but I have no idea what they are properly used for.
I usually see them on children and occasionally geiko/geisha.
I have also seen them on mannequins, with old furisode sets.
by Uryuu  

shigoki-obi? 2008/2/19 23:12
It is used for 7 year old girls upon her Shichigosan ceremony, for brides and for some traditional performers. Does this answer your question?
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Ah!! 2008/2/20 05:52
Thank you, that clears up alot, I was just a little confused. I wonder if i should keep mine then...? *thinks* ...
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