A japanese medallion, ideas please?

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A japanese medallion, ideas please? 2008/3/18 18:59
The medallion is about 4 inches in diameter and gold coloured. It is housed in an old purple velvet box, it has the picture of a building with a clock at the front and some japanese writing. On the back it has welcome to miyagi prefecture and some japanese writing. I can email pictures if required and would be grateful for any information regarding this object...many thanks.
by Aaron Dale  

yea 2008/3/20 13:47
picture please. You can put it up on any picture site and post the link here.
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f.a.o. Miyuki 2008/3/20 15:29
Hi Miyuki, thank you for your response. I only know how to send picture via email im afraid so if you email me with your email address then i can forward pictures to you, i would appreciate any info regarding this item.
Email me at groupse7en@aol.com
Many thanks.
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... 2008/3/20 16:15
Many people seem to use this siste for posting pictures for others to look at, also for asking questions on this forum too.


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