What does ''Hai wakarimasu'' means?

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What does ''Hai wakarimasu'' means? 2008/3/20 06:08
Does anyone know what ''Hai wakarimasu'' means? Thanks
by James  

... 2008/3/21 09:55
It means "Yes, I understand"
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Hai 2008/3/22 10:56
Hai means Yes but more importantly starting a sentence with Hai means (I will be speaking you.)

Also, Wakarimashita (I understood.) doesn't mean (I already knew that.) but Hai, wakarimashita. is just a little more polite way of saying (I see.)

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Hai Wakarimasu 2008/3/23 03:07
This means, "Yes, I understand."

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Another nuance? 2008/3/29 23:10
It might mean "Yes, I am listening to you."
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