What does 'daisuki' mean?

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What does 'daisuki' mean? 2008/4/20 16:19
So I'm an exchange student in Japan. And I was mailing my guy friend last night. We some how got onto the subject of relationships. He had asked me what I thought I about him, I told him he was my type.
Then I asked him: "What about me?"
He answered: "Mochiron daisuki dayo! -heart-"

Is it just a friendly daisuki, or does it mean more than that?

by RyuuGakusei  

it can mean more... 2008/4/20 19:27

According to my GF (she is Japanese) it can mean more. However, I love you would be something like "Aishiteru"...

Good luck :-)


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umm 2008/4/20 20:30
Unfortunately, "Daisuki" means both "I like you so much as a friend." and "I love you so much."
Even Japanese can't always know which.
In your case also.
Considering the contexts you wrote here, I can't yet tell you which his words mean...
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i think.... 2008/4/20 22:44
hi, i'm japanese girl.
i think he likes you so much, not as friend.
we don't say 'daisuki' to friend, also we don't often say 'aishiteru'='I love you'
As you know, japanese are shy and not good at express feeling compare with westerns.

good luck

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daisuki 2008/4/21 12:30
but, you know, its possible he used "daisuki" because he knew she was foreigner, right?
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... 2008/4/21 20:11
Aaaah. Still confused.
I do realize that he could've written daisuki because I'm a foreigner.
I asked my Japanese friends and they all said it could go either way.
So I mailed him and asked him what he meant...
He forgot his cellphone today so I don't know what he will reply!
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hmm 2008/4/22 08:28
My Japanese is not that great, but I put daisuki in between suki and aishiteru. Suki i think of as "like as a close friend" and daisuki "like/love more than a friend" and aishiteru is pretty much never used IRL. I get my idea of it from TV...most of the time couples tend to say daisuki to eachother and they may say suki at the beginning but if they seem close I usually hear daisuki. So I would say Daisuki is more than a friend but I could be wrong.
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Yay! 2008/4/22 16:51
So he replied to my mail. And said that it meant that he liked me more than a friend!

So happy right now!

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