Tokyo motorcycle section/area.

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Tokyo motorcycle section/area. 2008/8/15 21:28
Tokyo 23-ku
I have heard there is a section of Tokyo with a high concentration of motorcycle stores. If this is true could someone please identify the area. I need to give some visitors a name to give the taxi driver. Thank you.
by Keith Sheeley  

Ueno 2008/8/18 15:16
It's located about 100m northeast of JR Ueno Station
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bikes 2008/8/19 05:13
Don't have your friends take a cab anywhere in Tokyo! have then go to Ueno JR station by the JR Yamanote line from wherever you/ they are. ask them to exit the station by the Asakusa exit and turn left, walking with the station by their left side. A few blocks past the exit they will see a small street right across the street they are on (Past the Astil hotel) with bikes parked on that street. Can't remember if it is just before or after a high school. That bikes street used to be on the Lonely Planet Ueno map.
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Tokyo motorcycle section/area. 2008/8/19 05:19
Thanks so much to everyone that responded. I appreciate the help and my friends were able to locate the motorcycle shops. Thanks again!!
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