Kabuki theater dress code

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Kabuki theater dress code 2009/2/13 20:30
I have tickets to see the evening show at the Kabuki-za theater this weekend and was wondering what is appropriate to wear for both men and women. Not sure if dress atire is required or can we wear jeans. It is a bit cold and will be windy so wanting to dress a bit warmer, but not sure if I can just wear my jeans.
by Jake (guest)  

No special attire 2009/2/14 13:06
Yes, you can wear jeans at the Kabuki Theater. Pretty much anything goes, either casual or formal.

This can be your last chance to enjoy the building as it will soon be either renovated or torn down. Have fun!

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no dress code 2009/2/14 20:57
The dress code is nothing like for opera- kabuki was traditionally the entertainment for the middle and lower classes. Wear what you like, within reason!
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thanks for the help 2009/2/14 22:43
Thanks so much for the help. I am glad to know that I am going to get to see the theater before it gets renovated too.
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