what is the postal code for osaka japan

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what is the postal code for osaka japan 2009/3/24 02:11
Osaka City
I need to send a pkg and it seems that the address is incomplete because there is no postal code.
Please help
by pinaypie (guest)  

Postal code 2009/3/24 10:16

There is no one single postal code for the huge area of Osaka, so it is impossible to help without knowing the full address. Anyway, provided the rest of the address is correct, mail will still be delivered even without a postal code.

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osaka 2009/3/25 00:58
Thank you, Dave in Saitama.
The complete address is:
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sigh 2009/3/25 09:48
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postal code minatomachi osaka 2009/3/25 10:06
looks like it's

556 0017


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