4-day Itinerary for Kyushu/Fukuoka?

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4-day Itinerary for Kyushu/Fukuoka? 2009/7/9 14:50
Any suggestions for a 4-day itinerary for a 1st time single female traveller to Fukuoka/Kyushu? l arrive in Fukuoka early Sat morning (prob before 9 am) and will depart 9am on Tuesday.
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. 2009/7/9 16:33
Check the Sunbus pass for Kyshu.
Going Kumamoto - Mt.Aso - Yufuin(Country Road Youth Hostel) Beppu and back is good in 4 days. Nagasaki is a bit out of the way and missable.
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Places to go? 2009/7/11 11:12
Thanks Connie! Any suggestions as to what I can do at Aso apart from going to Mt Aso? Should I just do a half day trip on the way from Yufuin to Kumamoto? I'd like to spend one day at Fukuoka city, and maybe half a day at the premium outlets.
Is this possible with your proposed itinerary?
Also, would it be better to get any travel passes before I land at Fukuoka?
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might help 2009/7/11 15:14
Check this link..it may be helpful

I am interested as to the comment that "Nagasaki is missable": we had planned on going there to see the A Bomb Peace park as a completion of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki experience, and were considering staying in Nagasaki to do the day trip to Arita and Imari: what are the relative merits of Fukuoka as a base or Nagasaki?

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Cafe-bar in Fukuoka 2009/7/19 15:05
While in Fukuoka, definitely make time to check out a very cool cafe-bar in the Tenjin district called IN THE PARK (www.inthepark.jp).
Really relaxing space with balcony seating, and you'd be able to mix with some fun locals.
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Kyushu trip 2009/7/19 15:32
Don't miss Nagasaki, it's the highlight of your trip. A-bomb history. Sadder than Hiroshima.

Kumamoto castle is worth seeing. others probably beppu.

If you are young, 4 days should be enough to cover those interesting places.

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