Gaijin friendly strip clubs Tokyo/Osaka

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Gaijin friendly strip clubs Tokyo/Osaka 2009/11/23 14:48
Im planning on visiting Japan for 2 weeks in January 2010. Ive tried to visit a strip club in Japan once but wasnt allowed in, probably because I was a Gaijin! Does anyone know of any Gaijin friendly clubs I can visit in Tokyo/Osaka ? Thanks !
by r354me (guest)  

I was in one in Shinjuku 2009/11/24 07:58
yes I am gaijin and went to one in Shinjuku, dont know the name, it was a cheap one. Hang around a little and surely you will find one. I was reject form 2 strip clubs before succeded with this hahaha, do your best.
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Plenty 2009/11/24 14:31
Just walk around Roppongi and you'll find plenty, and all friendly to take your money so be careful....
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