list of sushi names?

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list of sushi names? 2010/1/4 18:39

Does anybody have a link or a PDF document of all (or most common) sushis?

I mean something like listed here

but it would be nice to have a picture or at least a better sorted list. (in columns)
Japanese name with English and/or French translation.


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Sushi 2010/1/5 00:28
Here are a couple from this site:

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sushi chart 2010/1/5 17:09
After a quick google images search I found this one. Its a decent chart of some of the more common nigirizushi, but note that california maki and california temaki, and to a lesser extent, avacado maki, avacado sake maki, or unagi maki are not really common dishes in Japan.

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Re: 2010/1/9 00:21
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