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Buy JR pass in Malaysia 2011/2/6 14:21
4 of us intend to visit Tokyo,Kobe,Kyoto & Osaka within 13days(Jul 2011), need to know if it's worth it to purchase JR? Also how to get it in Malaysia
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... 2011/2/6 15:06
it's worth it to purchase JR?

It depends on the details of your itinerary. For example, A one way trip from Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka to Kobe, for example, will not pay off. But a Tokyo-Osaka-Tokyo round trip by regular shinkansen tickets costs about the same as a 7-day Japan Rail Pass.

Note also that you could travel even cheaper by overnight buses:

Also how to get it in Malaysia

Here are some authorized agents:

Or you could purchase it online by credit card:

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JR Pass 2011/2/6 16:27
Tq for the info, basically the whole trip goes like :

Tokyo- Disneyland (3D2N)
Kyoto - 4D3N
Osaka - 4D3N

how long will it take to tvl Tokyo-Kyoto by rail? Saw the bus journey takes abt 8hrs

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... 2011/2/6 18:45
So are you flying into Narita, and flying out of Kansai international airport, meaning, only going one way from Tokyo to Osaka/Kyoto? Then even a 7-day Japan Rail Pass does not pay off. If you are going one way, then you can just buy single Shinkansen tickets.

Tokyo - Kyoto by JR Shinkansen train takes about 2.5 hours.

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Re: Buy JR pass from Malaysia 2014/8/28 18:11
Dear, i will travel on October to japan. may i know where and how to buy JR PASS for 7 Days ? before i travel to japan ? which website are better and honest?
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Re: Buy JR pass in Malaysia 2014/8/28 18:46

free worldwide delivery for purchase of at least two passes. the exchange rates for this site are more competitive than

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