Two weeks of Okinawa

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Two weeks of Okinawa 2012/8/8 23:32
The two of us are leaving from Christmas and leaving Jan 8th. We've bought tickets already. Now we just need a plan of what to do and where to stay.

We're thinking about doing some rooms from for the majority of the trip, then spending a couple of night somewhere really nice (like a ryokan) at the end of the trip.

Do any of you have a recommended route to take? We're thinking about touring all the islands we can in the time we have. Of course the last few days need to be in Naha or near it (airplane back to Tokyo). Also, any special events or things to see during the time we'll be there?

Thanks in advance!

by Beeko (guest)  

Re: Two weeks of Okinawa 2012/8/9 13:33
You might consider an Okinawa Island Airpass for at least a few of your flights - you can save a lot of money. There is a blackout period of Jan1-5 though.
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Re: Two weeks of Okinawa 2012/8/9 15:31
Wow! This would be great except the blackout dates are mostly when we'll be visiting. Dec23-31 is also included. poo.
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