Biking through Kyoto

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Biking through Kyoto 2012/10/20 08:50

I'm going to Japan for my second time next year. First time in Kyoto. And I'd like to get around by bike. My hotel has a bike-rental, but I found a bike rental place not far away for 50% the price of the hotel.

I have two questions, one; Are there many bike stalls around Kyoto? How else do people put their bikes away if there aren't any.

Two; how do I stall away my rental-bike for the night? Since the hotel most likely won't let me stall it at their place, hehe.


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Re: Biking through Kyoto 2012/10/20 14:13
Ask here:
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Re: Biking through Kyoto 2012/10/20 15:34
Kyoto is a fantastic place to cycle. There is an organised bicycle rental scheme with several terminals. All the places I have rented bikes from require that you return them at the end of the day.I would rather do this as I wouldnt want to have to deal with a stolen bike. As for parking, there is bicycle parking at all the major sites & I never struggled to find a place to park the bike.
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