3 days okinawa's stay in mid march

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3 days okinawa's stay in mid march 2012/11/4 20:11
In my 3 weeks tour I would like to visit also the south part of japan so I'm trying to add 3 days in Okinawa Onto for a visit but also for a relaxing rest.
1. Okinawa Onto is a valid option?
2. Rent a car is really necessary? is it smart to rent a car only for a part of the stay? is there something different and less expensive to rent a car?
by paola (guest)  

Re: 3 days okinawa's stay in mid march 2012/11/5 02:19
If you are planning to only spend the 3 days in Naha, then a rental car is not necessary. But if you want to see more of the island than a rental car is a very good idea. It makes it very easy to get around and when I visited last year and rented a car I found the drivers to be very polite. Also the speed limits on the island are much lower than where I live so it made for a very relaxing time driving around.
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