Is it safe to visit Okinawa?

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Is it safe to visit Okinawa? 2012/11/20 11:56
Hi - I have visited Japan many times and I know it is very safe. However, my wife and I are a mixed Asian and Caucasian couple. We are Americans and we are concerned that we may experience some negative interactions on Okinawa, because of stereotypes associated with the military bases/personnel. No offense intented, we are just wondering how we will be perceived and if we can have a fun trip on the island and do the normal tourist stuff.
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Re: Is it safe to visit Okinawa? 2012/11/20 14:35
I had no problems a few years ago. Be kind and respectful and you should be fine. Tensions are a bit higher around the military bases themselves (and no wonder, really), but there is no reason to go around those unless you are military personnel, so that shouldn't be a problem.
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Re: Is it safe to visit Okinawa? 2012/12/9 14:04
We spent 12 days there last month. We are Australian and the locals thought we were from the US. We loved Okinawa and the locals are very friendly and helpful. I did notice a slight difference at the American village but in saying that there was no rudeness at anytime. We stayed 2 nights at the Vessel hotel at the American village and they were just lovely to us.
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Re: Is it safe to visit Okinawa? 2012/12/10 12:16
Thank you so much for the responses!
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