how to use the payphone at Narita Airport

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how to use the payphone at Narita Airport 2012/12/22 06:34
In the past I have had difficulty using the payphones in Japan to make a domestic call. Whenever I arrive at Narita I usually call my friend in Japan to tell her I have arrived and what time approx she can expect me. But everytime I get stuck and have to ask for help to someone. Because i don't speak Japanese I don't understand the instructions. Can someone tell me exactly what I should press in the payphone if I want to make a call to a Japanese mobile phone/regular phone?
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Re: how to use the payphone at Narita Airport 2012/12/22 12:51
Probably you'll find either of these types (green or gray ones, about halfway down the page) at Narita Airport.

If you want to call a mobile phone, be sure to have plenty of coins at hand (10 or 100 yen coins), or a phone card (there should be a vending machine nearby), put them/it in, and dial the full mobile phone number starting with 0X0 (The X may be 8, 9, or 7 depending on the receiver's number). If it's a regular landline phone number, start with the area code (for example, 03 for Tokyo).

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