Mt. Fuji

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Mt. Fuji 2013/1/10 14:04
I would like to see Mt. Fuji, Im going to be staying in Shibuya most of my time in Japan. What rail way would i take to Mt. Fuji? Will i need to stay the night considering travel time? Any hotel recommendations? Thanks
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.... 2013/1/11 09:14
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Re: Mt. Fuji 2013/1/11 09:15
You can do it as a day trip if you wish.

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Re: Mt. Fuji 2013/1/11 10:36
Most people climb mt fuji overnight so they can see the sun rise. So yeah, its fine to do it in one day from shibuya, its only around 2 hours away, just take the chuo line to Otsuki then the Fujikyu line down to Fuji.
Or likely even better just a direct bus from tokyo somewhere.
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